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About go-shred

Travelling cheap and environmentally aware has only advantages:

  1. Driver saves money by sharing costs with passengers.
  2. Cheap way to get to the hill.
  3. Less CO2 emission.
  4. You get to travel with people who have the same passion. Shred!!!

"go-shred" makes sense!!!

go-shred Lottery

go-shred lottery

Even more advantages for offering lifts with "go-shred".

Everybody who posts a ride with "go-shred" automatically participates in the "go-shred lottery" and hast the chance of winning prices from VolCom, Electric, K2, Nitro, 32, Etnies, Neff, DC, Burton, Vans, Analog, Advita as well as lift passes from ski resorts all over Europe.

go-shred makes even more sense!!!

go-shred event mark

go-shred stamp

The go-shred mark is a trademark for "shredder".

The go-shred mark brings more people to the events:
The go-shred mark gives an answer how to get cheap and environment-friendly to the events.

The go-shred mark promotes your event:
Events with a go-shred mark will be promoted and advertised by go-shred.

The go-shred mark is for free:
The go-shred mark is free available under info(at)go-shred(dot)com

go-shred widget

go-shred widget

The go-shred widget as your short cut to the internet.

The go-shred widget was introduced last season and generated even more ride offers.

Using the go-shred widget on your internet site means all main features of go-shred can be used starting from your internet site. You can preset your home location as destination and everybody who uses "go-shred" coming from your internet site finds automatically all ride-share offers to your location.

The go-shred widget is free available under info(at)go-shred(dot)com.

go-shred advertising

Professional support with your advertising.

Please ask for go-shred advertising material for your event or resort.
Mail to: info(at)go-shred(dot)com.