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2nd delay Dachstein ... What a fuck !!!
Time Posted on June 03, 2010 User Martin W

New interruptions at the Dachstein cable-revision cause another delay for the Summer Opening 2010!

After a technical issue at the current swap of the steel-cable of the Dachstein ropeway, the great Summer Opening has to be delayed for another week to the 12th of June 2010.

As a gesture of good will, the Planai-Hochwurzen-Railways greatly lower the season-ticket prizes for all the regular riders of the Horsefeathers Superpark Dachstein!

Unfortunately nature doesn’t mean it too well with the Dachstein Freestylers this year. After a really poor snowfall-season, at the moment the cable is being replaced for the first time since the foundation of the ropeway in 1969. The operation turned out a little more complicated than expected and additionally to harsh weather conditions, a technical problem caused a delay of 12 days, as technical material had to be brought up in a long-winded task to the top via helicopters.

Great consolation: cheaper season-tickets for everyone!

The sorrow of the Snowboard- and Freeski- Community is of course huge. Needless to say that all the die-hard freestylers have been looking forward to the legendary opening of the Horsefeathers Superpark Dachstein already for weeks now. However, the Planai-Hochwurzen- Railways show themselves sympathetic and decided to lower the prizes greatly for all the shred-hungry people.

The regular prize for a season ticket is reduced from € 345,- to € 270,- and even the already lucky winners of our ticket-lottery will only have to pay € 200,- instead of € 245,- for their everlasting summer and fall freestyle-superlative. Snowboard Pro Flo Galler emphasizes why the ticket is worth every cent: “50 runs a day, in these 50 runs either 200 rails or 150 kickers! Best park, progress, summerfeeling, nice people…snowboarding in summer: what can you have more?”

Outstanding park with refreshed setup For weeks, all involved people are giving their best to oppose the forces of nature with clenched manpower, but unfortunately there was no better solution in sight than another delay. However, one thing is certain: The Horsefeathers Superpark Dachstein will shine in full setup and pomp for the June 12th to compensate all snowboarders and freeskiers with a loaded program, perfect shape and a fresh setup for the long waiting! Next to a row of other surprises, four rails will be placed in a line, thus presenting the perfect jibline for all the rail-cracks out there. Also beginners and intermediates will find their favorite line at the brand-new boxes-line for massive slides. On top of it all, a heap of prizes is waiting for the best rail-combos at the Ride and Roar Rail Session, where also visitors and spectators can look forward to loaded action. Besides, also 80’s fashion victims won’t come short, as in the cause of the QParks From Rags to Riches Oldschool Contest people will meet up in hot 80’s winter-outfits to swap them against complete new winter-gears by Horsefeathers, Blue Tomato and Adidas!

See you up there – now more than ever! For more information see Further questions can be directed to

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