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Bad News - Dachstein Opening delayed....
Time Posted on May 19, 2010 User Moritz Weiss

Due to severe complications caused by bad weather conditions, the revision of the cable of the Dachstein Bergbahnen (railway company) the Dachstein Opening, originally planned for May 29th will have to be postponed for a week to June 5th 2010.

Currently, the supporting cable of the Südwandbahn (southwall gondola) of the Dachstein is going to be changed. Such procedure usually happens every 40 years (the present cable has been in appllication since 1969) and therefore is an elaborated work. An exclusively specialized Swiss company has been working on the cable change for 14 days now. Unfortunately, a technical defect of the cable controlling device as well as the bad weather conditions have caused unexpected problems. As the replacement part can only be transported by helicopter. However, due to the stormy weather the helicopter is not able to fly up into the height of the gondola top station. As a matter of fact, the summer season kick-off will probably be postponed for one week. As soon as the weather allows a helicopter flight, the appropriate piece will be delivered to the top station of the Dachstein and the revision works can proceed.

In the meantime the arrangements for the Opening event of the Horsefeathers Superpark Dachstein have been going on for weeks and still are in process and the announced lotteries are going into prolongation. We kindly ask all the snow hungry shredders awaiting the opening to be patient and to hope for a more stabilized weather that will turn the summer into an endless winter for pure shredding pleasure! Or to put it in the words of snowboard professional Seppi Scholler, who's desperately waiting for the opening: “I’m looking forward to UNCOUNTABLE great runs and pleasure at the Dachstein.”

Should the works be completed earlier, the gondola will go into service immediately, though at this time it is set with June 5th 2010. Thank you for your understanding, everyone is doing the best possible, but at the moment the weather isn’t on our side. For further information stay tuned!

thanks to for the info!!!

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  • Martin W says:
    05/19/10 at 11:49:06

    so fast our reporter MW !!! respect ...

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