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COC 2010 - Week A - Video review - get stoked
Time Posted on July 06, 2010 User Moritz Weiss

TransWorld Snowboarding magazine’s staff is heading up north to join the campers and pros at the Camp of Champions. TWS Photo editor, videographer Joe Carlino, and associate editor will be there documenting the park sessions. It’ll be a guaranteed media blitz with an entourage of pro boarders from their new feature film, "In Color", alongside to make sure this session is a guaranteed banger. Campers will get the chance to hop in front of the TransWorld cameras or even just join the crew for camp webisodes, photo galleries, and updates on all the camp activities. Join ‘em for runs in the park, paintball skirmishes, as well as many other camp exploits. TWS is in the house so grab your gear and get stoked!

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