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Dachstein Super Summer Opening
Time Posted on May 17, 2010 User Moritz Weiss

Now it's there! The the summer season's setup of the Horsefeathers Superpark Dachstein was already finished a couple of days ago and now the current 3D map is finally online!

As already announced, for the this summer's setup 2 brand-new rails have been bought and QParkdesigner Andi Röck is already aligning the unique 4 rails' line for the Opening on the 29th of May! As another special, a new boxes line will complement the medium line at its best! So a relaxed session and pure freestyle-fun guaranteed for the Opening! People can be looking forward to a cozy opening day, meeting old friends, getting to know people and shredding the fresh park together! Also for visitors there is enough on offer: Have a drink or a burger and watch the freaks going wild. Also, ROAR for your buddies at the open Ride and Roar Rail Session, where we've heard through the grapevine that, among great stuff from Horsefeathers and Blue Tomato, also some brand-new Adidas Goggles will be on start! Take home a complete winter-outfit from the Opening!

Park 3D Online!!

With our From Rags 2 Riches Oldschool Style Competion you get the great chance to take home a complete and new outfit composed by heavy gears from Horsefeathers, Bleu Tomato and Adidas Eyewear, so you can imagine the high quality and fancy style! The 3D map can be found in the "Park info" area.

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