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GAME of go-shred I tour dates 2020
Time Posted on January 27, 2020 User Martin W

2020 just started, and yet it is going to be a busy year. Our event agenda for the upcoming months is ready, and as you will see quite full.

It is with great motivation that we present you our GAME of go-shred TOUR 2020, with 6 fixed events within 3 months:

2020-02-01 Steinplatte -

2020-02-22 Nordkette -

2020-02-22 Damüls -üls

2020-02-29 Brandnertal -

2020-03-21 Steibis - more INFO soon ...

2020-04-04 Serfaus - more INFO soon ...

Event description:

GAME of go-shred exists for almost 8 years, and it hasn’t stopped developing since then. These events are under the form of skiing contests, where groups of participants judge each other’s performance. There is an educational spirit behind it, to help people push their limits and improve their skills thanks to fun challenges and teamwork. Here are examples of challenges: highest ollie, duckwalk race, ski poles throwing challenge, Skatehalle Innsbruck SNOWSKATE award…

All ages and levels are welcomed, and everybody can win prizes from various partners. Besides the contest itself, the day is made for people to enjoy the area and have fun. We organize a barbecue to gather people together and get to know each other.

Here are the links of the previous GAME of go-shred, for you to understand the concept better:üls2019üls2018

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