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Gucci sponsor me Tape - Jan Kössl
Time Posted on May 19, 2019 User Martin W

Go skate in the streets, it's what we did when i started skateboarding back in 1990. At this time there were no skateparks, no youtube trick tutorials only the streets and your friends.

And that's what we got here ... Jan Kössl with his friends and the GUCCI love.

Thx homies for being out there in the streets!

Gucci sponsor me Tape - Jan Kössl from 1/1 on Vimeo.

This video was filmed during summer 2018 till spring 2019. main filming by: Leon Langl Additional Filming: Lukas Lehmann.

This is a friends production. Everything was made by friends.

Edited by: Lukas König

Additional Help: Vitus Vogl-Fernheim and Leon Langl.

All songs by: Sander aka Gus Nobel

Cat news Tag jan Kössl, Gucci, sponsor me, Leon Langl, Lukas Lehmann, Lukas König, Vitus Vogl-Fernheim, Sander aka Gus Nobel

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