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Happy Birthday HORSEFEATHERS ! Interview with founder Hanuš Salz
Time Posted on January 27, 2020 User Martin W

Happy 30th birthday Horsefeathers!

We had the chance to ask a few questions to Horsefeathers' owner Hanus Salz. Discover a bit more about the brand and its evolution!

Joel and Hanuš_1992

Joel and Hanuš, 1992

Your brand now exists for 30 years, how would you describe its evolution and how do you personally feel about it? Did you ever imagine that it would go that far when you first started the company?

The whole process went all the way from being a totally punk garage style to a more-less structured setup that still retains the original spirit and enthusiasm for snowboarding. Personally I feel the early days were fun and raw in the purest sense. No one knew where snowboarding could take us and we had no clue about business or production. The learning and growth curve was pretty wild at times, but that gave everyone tremendous amounts of energy to push things forward. Now with all the retrospective experience, it is more straight forward in knowing how to approach and manage the brand, but keeping our early days in mind gives us the necessary connection to keep the brand vision in line with the original snowboarding DNA.

How would you describe the community of Horsefeathers? Is there a strong community spirit?

Over the year many people came and went, but I believe everyone brought something interesting to the mix and that’s how communities are, a blend of various characters with a common goal. he last few years though, I’ve been feeling great vibes throughout, especially because snowboarding is once again where it should be - in the hands of people who care about the sport and namely the lifestyle. There are tons of new talent and there are the older guys bringing in their kids. So it feels like negative the “corporate” influence has been replaced by authenticity and this is something that totally resonates with Horsefeathers and everyone connected to the brand. The current crew is stoked to be doing this and all our riders are people who passionately like what they do. Try convincing Halldor to do something he’s not into, haha...

BC trip 2009, crew

BC trip 2009, crew

Do Horsefeathers have green initiatives to protect the environment? Do you plan on developing more sustainable products/working behaviors in the future?

This is a really good question and a complex one at that. I think we have been “green" since day one in a certain sense. Not by a business plan, but rather through common sense and personal emotion. Long before it became a trend we did a lot of work on the side of the manufacturing processes in order to find credible partners that would make our Outerwear the highest possible quality. Only recently have various industries started to promote quality as an ecological benefit, but it is true if your jacket lasts two or three times longer, then you don’t have to buy a new product and that is, of course, good for the environment. Apart from that, we are looking at various alternatives to packaging, where ideally all bags would be fully (and truly) compostable. We are already using these, but I prefer to wait a few years to get scientific feedback to confirm it is 100% cosher before saying it is a bulletproof step forward. We also fold some of our products in a way that they fit a smaller bag, thus saving the quantity needed for our seasonal production. Of course, we have the recycled shell fabrics, liners, insulating materials from leading suppliers who are also trying to maximize their efforts in the green direction. Last, but not least, we manufacture quite a bit of our streetwear and accessories in the EU (hoodies, t’s, beanies, socks, etc.), so that keeps the shipping requirements down quite a bit. So it is a mix of efforts which are by no means perfect and need to be constantly addressed by all businesses globally if we are to have a beautiful, habitable planet in 100 years in the future.

30 years spent working and developing Horsefeathers, what are your personal plans now?

There are always so many plans! Apart from being involved with some strategic management issues within HF, I have been focusing a bit more on traveling with my family. I think that the best way for kids to grow and develop is to travel. It also gives you so much more perspective on humanity as a whole being able to witness different cultures, people and environments. It also brings back the ever-pressing message of a massive need to address all ecological issues by seeing habitat destruction and merciless pollution at some places that have become a norm over the last century. So traveling and learning on all levels is probably a big enough plan which might develop into something more fundamental. We’ll see :-).

Hanus, BC trip 1997-98

Hanus, BC trip 1997-98

What is your vision for the future of the brand?

I would like to see the current course that has been set taking further and beyond without the need to make major changes in the navigation. The way we are set up totally makes sense and there will always be many aspects that need developing, fine-tuning, adjusting, but the general direction and the original DNA should be what it always comes back to. So I would be more than happy to know that in ten, twenty, thirty years, Horsefeathers is still respected as a true snowboard outerwear brand supplying quality products for riders around the world.

In 3 words, how would you describe those last 30 years?

Wild, merciless, educational.

HF logo evolution

HF logo evolution

Thanks a lot for your time Hanus! Horsefeathers has a lot of interesting ideas for the future, and we can't wait to see what's gonna pop up within the next few years.

Keep up the great work, we love you!

Text by Ingrid Delétain

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