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Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam - day one
Time Posted on November 11, 2011 User Martin W

Hello shred friends,

sun is shining, park is amazing and everybody loves the Horsefeathers Pleasure Jam. Check out our first impressions ...

alex pfeffer

coffee to go-shred in the morning

Carlos Gerber

action shoot during the contest

alex pfeffer2

after go-shred come together at the Horsefeathers Pleasure Imbiss

Status right now: its super amazing, everybody's having a great time, but its not like we didnt tell you before. Dont worry, in case you became instant motivated, feel welcome to show up!

If you want a free lift ticket, win a party ticket for Saturday or just know whats up check further information

See you at Dachstein

Thx for the pics: Martin Herrmann & Alex Pfeffer (we love you)

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