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Huntington Beach – San Diego – Huntington Beach
Time Posted on July 05, 2019 User Martin W

After 2 weeks of great surf and acclimatization to the Californian way of life I twisted my ankle while skateboarding on a day where I was supposed to rest. I wanted to rest this day cause I surfed too much and didn’t take care about my leg of sleep due to the jetlag.

Additionally as my body was already really exhausted I catched a cold and had to rest for nearly 10 days. After my recovery at Huntington I finally made it to San Diego. Before my period of sickness I planed to go to ITH beach bungalows that’s up north from San Diego where you can get a bed in a dorm for an affordable price placed right by the ocean.

But due to my weakness I changed the plan und booked myself a beach cottage, a small bungalow with one bedroom, a living room, kitchen and bathroom right at Ocean Beach.

San Diego Beach Cotton

Beach cottage I Ocean Beach

It took me about 4 hours to go there but not because of the long distance or the traffic jam, no just because I took the Pacific Coast Highway PCH from Huntington, via New Port Beach, San Clemente and Carlsbad where I decided to go back to the 405 Interstate Highway to finally make it to my new home for the next days.

In San Clemente I stopped at House of Trestles where I spend a nearly 10 days last year for saying hello. Unfortunately nobody I knew was around but the friendly new housekeeper gave the number from the owner and due to almighty mobile communication systems I texted Joshua, initiator of the House of Trestles.

San Clemente

House of Trestles

As I expected Josh was with his family cause of Memorial Day and further told me that he’s off to El Salvador for another project. The inauguration of a new Camp/Hostel/resort, whatever you want to call it. You better check it out yourself (@mizatapointresort) and if you got questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with them to book your next surf trip. As I was already at San Clemente I did a quick shrimp Taco at “Pedro’s” (@pedrostacossc) and a little coffee at “The Bakery”.

the Bakery

I love coffee

Finally arrived in San Diego which is about 130 km /100ml from Huntington, so even with heavy traffic you make it easily in 2 hours down there.

welcome to San Diego

first thing i saw I HELLRIDER

There’s a little story related to the street name where my bungalow was, which made me smiling. My little bungalow was situated in the Voltaire Ave which was kind of funny, cause back in the days when I went to university I spend a lot of time to study Voltaire and his contemporaries’. And certainly you understand, it’s way more comfortable to stay in a street with the name of a great philosopher than studying the works of this big brain.

philosopher street

*La politique est le premier des arts et le dernier des métiers. Merci Voltaire !!! *

As I mentioned before I was supposed to go to the ITH Beach Bungalow although because I wanted to see my friend Serge I met the year before at House of Trestles I San Clemente. My plan was to rent a bike and pedal over to see my friend. Just before starting my day trip I had to think about what kind of bike I rent cause there’s the UBER electric rental bike which is 15 c per Minute calculated, coordinated and rented via mobile app or just the regular beach cruiser which you get in between 10-20$ per day.

rental bike

roll originally

I decided to roll with the traditional beach cruiser. At a certain point on my way to San Diego downtown I regretted not to have taken the E-Bike and this certain point was Hill Street. This street connects Ocean Beach and San Diego I little Italy and goes up a steep little hill, where I thought I had to go to meet Serge. Full of sweat I arrived finally at the ITH hostel but it was a little stress cause I didn’t pay attention if my phone was completely charged and as perhaps you can imagine I had no power bank with me.

San Diego 0519

from Ocean Beach to San Diego downtown

San Diego 0519

San Diego skyline

So kind of tricky to find the right way and not running out of battery with a cell phone which was not fully charged since the beginning.
Finally I made it to the ITH but it was not the ITH Beach Bungalow but the ITH adventure hostel in San Diego I little Italy.

San Diego 0519

little Italy I San Diego

Luckily the receptionist was aware of all the questions I asked him and he recommended me to take the bus Line nr 30 straight to the ITH beach bungalows.

Pretty surprised of the low price, the possibility to take my bike with and the kindness of the driver I did a little non previewed sightseeing tour before I finally arrived at ITH beach bungalow.

The ITH beach bungalow is located right in front of the beach just a small way for pedestrians and cyclists separates the hostel from the beach. Funny about is, that in most of the states from the US you’re not allowed to drink in the streets but it’s enough to put yourself behind a little window wall for sure private territory and you can feel like at home and can do whatever you want.


out of public

I was friendly welcomed by Serge. Btw he’s born and raised in Japan / Tokyo and against all Japanese work mentality he took 4 weeks of to live the Californian dream. Just that you get an idea what I mean with Japanese work mentality, he told me in general a Japanese employee gets between 5 and 7 days vacation per year. In my eyes, impossible.

We celebrated our reunion with some Japanese beers and had a great afternoon, watching people passing our window and the waves just in front of us. Late afternoon we had lunch at a Thai – restaurant and coffee in 20/20 coffee, which made me testing some new restaurants.

San Diego 0519

beach front

San Diego 0519

two men, one rollin one foot, one wheeling

After a goodbye beer in the afternoon I took my bike and started my way home. Arrived at home, tired from all the cycling I took a bath and chilled the f… out in front of youtube at the big television screen and my lovely couch.

San Diego 0519

on my way back home

The next day I decided to take it easy. Just hang out I my barrio. In the morning I went to my daily breakfast spot where I did this awesome acai bowl. While writing this article I looked for some acai recipe cause it’s very healthy and easy to make. Will definitely try to make one for me.

Acai bowl in the morning

acai bowl - the futur of muesli

After breakfast I went to the beach for relaxing and do some pictures cause the waves were still gorgeous. I still cannot believe how much peaks you can find in California and how easy to access.

Dog Beach

dog beach I Ocean Beach I San Diego

Dog Beach

dog beach I Ocean Beach I San Diego

Meanwhile taking pictures at the beach I realized not having been at one of the most famous Burger Spot in San Diego. I crossed this spot several times but cause of the heavy line up at the entrance I was not willing to go there. But this time I felt like there’s a chance to get in without standing in line. And my patience was generously rewarded.

bets burger in town

Hodads burgers since 60 years

No line up and I have to admit one of the best burgers I’ve ever tried. Fresh, tasty and the right portion I would say. For those who scared of big American portions, no worries they although got mini burgers. This one in the pictures is a regular one. So if you’re in San Diego und you like this kind of food, you should definitely check out @hodads1502.

The next day was already time to say goodbye to wonderful San Diego and getting ready for my last night in the US. On my way back to my friends Robin and Jesse at Huntington Beach I wanted to say “hi” to a surfer legend I meet during my first 2 weeks at Huntington, the founder and shaper of “Greek surfboards”.

GREEK surfboards by the Greek

The Greek

Shaping his first surfboards in 1959 at Huntington Beach he founded a surf team and opened up a surf shop. For me one of the most interesting facts I got from one of the oldest active shapers on the planet was that back in the days you had to register your board if you wanted to go surfing at New Port beach. It was kind of registering a boat. For sure back in the days 9 footer was quite big and could easily knock somebody down. I was stoked to hear this.

GREEK surfboards by the Greek

Shaping surfboards since 1959

GREEK surfboards by the Greek

licence plate on a 9 footer for New Port Beach surfing

GREEK surfboards by the Greek

the dinosaurs of surfboards

All in all another great trip to the land where they started to make surfing, skating and snowboard to a world culture. I was stoked and I’m thankful even if there’re a lot of things going down which I don’t like.

But unfortunately humanity is not willing to act all together for a better life of each individual but quite the contrary every individual act in their own benefit. Let’s try to change this …

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