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INTERVIEW - 10 questions for Hambalkó Bálint
Time Posted on July 30, 2018 User Martin W

Check Bálints youtube channel for Indonesien MONSTER WAVES ...


We’re stoked to have the possibility to ask Balint a few questions about how he started filming, how he feels about the Wintersport Industry, at what point he fall in love with surfing. Where does his motivation for making surf clips came from, what he recommend to young filmers and where he would love to be in 5 years?


photo by @sashafr0mrussia

Hello there and thanks a lot to having me on, Martin, you are doing an awesome job starting saving the environment and our pocket money! : )

NEW Balint Profil picture

Hi Balint, first and foremost thank you a lot for taking time to answer our questions.


Please give us some basic infos about yourself like where you come from, how old are you, what’s your native language, what’s your favorite color and do you have a girlfriend?

Sziasztok! I am 36, grow up in Budapest, Hungary, no cats, no dogs (I love animals, just to much traveling), no girlfriend, living free as a bird and with this lifestyle its quite impossible to have a girlfriend, i dont even have a home.. : )

The colors of the water in any form, might be a good choice for favourite color!



At what age did you start filming and where did the motivation came from?

I bought my fist camera in 2002 (Age20), from my first university credit, which suppose to be my money for food,so that half years only ate beans and eggs and pasta.. : )

It was a butifuel Sony TRV408E Hi8 camera, actually a piece of shit for 500 euro.


Was not worth it at all,haha, but first timer rookie, i didn't know ...

I started filming skateboarding in Budapest, i just wanted to document our street skating and show Budapest to the world and make people happy to have their tricks on tape, the glory and energy they put in a spot, in a trick, it always made me happy!


Balint skating

I did that for 8 years and than get into snowboarding, moved to Austria in 2011 and just change filming skating to snowboarding, first with street crews, like Seppi Scholler and the Love crew, Sane gang in Innsbruck and after some years with the Völkl guys, Pirates, Method Movie ...




How did you get in in contact with the wintersport industry and what was your first payed project?

**Skateboarding and snowboarding scene is very small in Hungary, so when i started snowboarding, the top riders (David Liptay and the metalbros crew) straight away hooked me up and started to bring me on trips to Austria, where i met Michael Putz, the Media head of QParks that time. So my first paid job was a QParks parkshooting on Dachstein Gleitscher in 2010 Fall, with Tadej Valentan, was amazing, i love that place and Tadej is an amazing person!**

As I mentioned before, a lot of wintersport brands shutdown, stop being wintersport focused, etc. and with the new technologies there’re a lot of amateur filmers in the game.


How do you see the development of the filming business in wintersport?

These days, you have to have a Red Epic or Scarlet to to get good day rates and cool projects, red bull media house pays the best dayrate.

With the development of technic, you can also produce high end hoolywood cinematography with cheap drones and dslr, so thats sick, low budget filmers can produce sick/creative films, its affordable for everybody these days and thats the best.

I remember, 15 years ago, if you wanted to be a filmmaker, you had to have reach parents and when you had finally a good camera, every company wanted to have you, it was much easier and much better paid, but felt really unfair.

I still know a couple of filmers, with expensive cameras (red,fs7) who still work their ass off in the summer to afford to film snowboarding in the winter for a company, i hope you see how ridiculous this is ... : )

Today you living most of the time of the year in Indonesia or you travel around the globe for doing surf projects.


How does it came that you changed the clima or better the type of medium you’re working on nowadays?

I started surfing in 2011 summer, cause there was some months in the summer, where there was nothing to do, no snow, so end up in France skating some pools and surfing, which was one of the best decision ever.

I love the mountains, the untouched nature, it was amazing being out there after getting kicked out every spot we wanted to film, skating in Budapest it started to get really stressful ...

At one point i realized, all the resorts are destroying the nature, cutting out the forest to install a new slope, sucking out the water from the lakes to produce artificial snow, grooming the slops with big machines, burn lots of petrol, just for what? - to jump and carve a bit for our own fun? Not only because of this, but i am more and more into surfing, its a more healtyer life, you can surf basically till end of your life and still progress after turning 30, wich is hard in snowboarding or skateing ...

You hang out in warm water all day, surf or take pics, spearfish your dinner, eat fruits all day long, being in the sun, hang out with bikini girls, its hard to compare this life to a life in a camper van with 5 guys for 10 days in super cold and wet conditions eating pasta every day..


Balint fishing


Balint slashing


Don’t get me wrong, i still love both! A good mix of snow and warm water keeps you appreciate both for long time! : )


What is the advantage for you to work in the surfing industry?

Well, defenetly a healtyer life, my back doesn't hurt anymore from hiking with 20 kg gear and tripod in the deep snow, also i get much more riding time, almost every day i get a bit surfing even on trips and did i mention already the girls in bikinis?



What do you recommand young filmers nowadays?

Haha, good question,(that means, am i old now? :)), if you wanna shoot snowboarding, skating or even surfing, the easiest way is to party with the right people ... I didn't do that way, i don’t have interest in partying, but i saw the opportunity to score some cool jobs if i would have drink together with some team managers ...

And of course, do it cause of the love, if you start to film for the money, you never going to succeed.


What’s an absolutely NOGO working for a company as a filmer?

Lucky i never had an issue, but if you say yes to a job, you have to go with it till the end, if you cancel it, nobody going to hire you again, the industry is small, everybody going to know about it!

It's also a good thing, not to hit on any riders you work together, just amateur or marrie them! :)


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I know, i am going to live next to the ocean and keep shooting films and photos and thats enough for me being happy, maybe its going to be Bali, maybe Europe, maybe somewhere totally else, the place doesn't really matter ...



What would it be if you had one WISH for FREE?

If a sourcerer would ask me and he could do any magic, i would ask him to erase ego from all humanity. And second would be religion.


Balint!!! THANK you very much for your time and this wonderful interview. We'll keep in touch and keep you posted about the FUTUR of Bálint

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