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ISENSEVEN - New Teaser for 2010/2011
Time Posted on February 25, 2010 User Moritz Weiss

This is the first official Teaser for the 2010 Isenseven Video Project (offcial name is yet to be announced).

FILMING: Alex Schiller, Tom Elliot, Vincent Urban, Norman, Prendi

EDITING: Vincent Urban

GRAPHICS: Alex Schiller

Isenseven 2010 - Welcome Teaser from Vincent Urban on Vimeo.

The crew spent the first months during this harsh and cold winter out almost every single day, with trips to Stockholm, Ruka, Hoch-Ybrig, Zillertal, Andermatt, Dresden, Winterberg and many other places that were blessed by the many snow storms that hit Europe lately. Next to the usual suspects Fredrik Evensen, Ludwig Lejkner, Alex Tank, Fips Strauss, Tobi Strauss and Tom Klocker, this movie will feature Marco Smolla, who has finally recovered, new nordic friends, Gjermund Br├ąten and Sindre Iversen, the Swiss kids, David Bertschinger Karg and Colin Frei as well as Simon Gruber from Italy, Benni Wetscher from Austria and Gary Greenshields from Scotland, to make this the most All-European Isenseven team so far. This project is supported by PLEASURE SNOWBOARD MAGAZIN, HEAD, OAKLEY, BURTON, NITRO, VOLCOM, DC, FORUM, NIKE 6.0, SWEET, O'NEILL, VANS, BATALEON, K2, ZIMTSTERN, FIAT, PLANET SPORTS and SNOWSTYLE

MUSIC: The Exploding Boy - "Desperados" (

thanks to nina our personal "Karla Kolumna"

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