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ISPO TRADESHOW 2010 - review
Time Posted on February 11, 2010 User Moritz Weiss

uhh was that a nice tradeshow or what?

we met so many new cool girls and guys who belive in So the first thing we have to say:


Special thanks to: Arne, Marc, Willi, Ines, Andi x 2, Martina, Steffi, Hörbi, Sven, Jens, Charlie, Greg, Thomas, Daniel, Nina, Julie, Stefan, Caz, Mareen, Alex, Sylvain, Oreil, Gaylord, Guillaume&Mathieu, FX, Mathieu, Moni, Bene, Klaus, Yank, Sylvi & Mitch.

and here some impressions shot by M.W.

and thats the way you look like after an ISPO TRADESHOW Party on monday morning at 7.30 AM

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