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Time Posted on March 31, 2020 User Martin W

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You are a snowboarder and a live philosopher. How would you describe the place snowboarding takes in your life?

Over the last ten years, snowboarding has been super important for me. I’ve got to know so many awesome people and places and I’ve learned so much about me and life itself. Especially when it comes to freestyle riding, learning new tricks and landing them in a contest or while filming, mindset is everything. And you get immediate feedback in forms of bails if your mindset is on point or not. In life feedback normally isn’t that direct.

But besides that, I just love it for it is. For expressing myself in a creative and stylish way. And it’s so good for having a refuge from the day to day hustle and just shutting your thinking down. It’s so easy to be present and alive while snowboarding!

What made you decide to start organizing speeches and workshops about creativity and openness?

Well I’m interested in eastern and western (life-) philosophy since I was in school. I already got in contact with it a lot from my parents. So, going into that direction job-wise was kind of a no brainer for me. While I was studying Sociology, Philosophy and Economics I started building a network in the business world and have been pretty active in the context of big companies over the last 10+ years. But now I am going a bit more into the private world, speaking at schools, public events and organizing my own events for everybody to come (check my homepage: for more info and dates).


You decided not to own a car, and to only travel by train. How did you come up with this motivation, and how do you stick to it?

Well, I still own my old car (it has over 400.000km on the clock) and now and then I still use it, when it’s necessary. But only about 5% of the amount I used to. I have to travel a lot for my speeches and training and then of course for snowboarding, so I spent so much time in the car the recent years. And although I enjoyed it, it just felt wrong environmentally. I am vegetarian for over 10 years and vegan for a few years now, reduced my use of plastic and tried to shop less and if, more local and seasonally. So using my car that much has been my blind spot over the years, that didn’t quite fit my convictions. But I always had the strong belief cemented in my head, that train riding sucks, is unreliable and just not possible for me. But then I decided to just go for it and first bought a Bahncard 50, which gives you basically 50% off the tickets. Then I liked it so much, that I bought a Bahncard 100 soon after. That is like your season pass on the hill, but for train riding. It gives you unlimited rides on busses and trains regionally and also all the fast trains all over Germany. So when I go to Innsbruck, I just have to pay about 15€ for the last part behind the German/Austrian Border.

So what I learned (again): all my beliefs about train riding were wrong. When I changed my mindset about it, everything else changed. I just love the train rides now, I am happy about all the free time for reading, working, writing, walking around and sometimes even doing some exercise with my terra band or doing wallsits in the hallway, if I feel like it. It’s just about being creative and coming up with ideas, how you can turn basically anything into a fun experience.

In your Ted Talk, you spoke about how people can get out of their bubble by realizing that alternative perspectives are surrounding us. Which advice would you give to people to motivate them to break out of their "car" bubble, and change their behaviours to travel more sustainably?

Most people have a perspective on environmentalism like something, where you need to limit yourself, or where you have to skip all the things that are fun or enriching your life. But that doesn’t have to be the case. More often than not, it’s just about habits and laziness or the lack of joy in experimenting. Me taking my skateboard and board bag to cruise to the train station and around the city is so good for my personal health, gives me more time to chill or work and is great for the environment. Eating less meat or going vegan all the way with lots of veggies, nuts and good stuff is good for the animals (which is my main motivation), for this planet in general, for my energy, my health…and I just had to drop a few old eating habits. And if everybody would find 1-10 things in their lives, where they can combine things that are good for them and for the planet as a whole, I think this world would be a so much better place to hang. Immediately and also in the long term.


"WE is the new ME", this is the kind of mentality we are trying to spread at go-shred. What tips would you give us as a company to have more impact on our community, and to push them to act together (carsharing) to protect the environment?

I think you are doing great – bringing the people together with great vibes. And I think people are starting to change in general. I think our whole generation (and people from other generations, too) are starting to realize, that life is not about optimizing your money income and it’s way more fulfilling to support others and this planet as a whole instead of doing your ego thing. No friends on powder days are bullshit. What is a good powder- (or park-) run without having people around to share the stoke? So I guess initiatives like go-shred will also profit from this overall spirit in the future.


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