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Moreboards Stubai Premiere recap!
Time Posted on October 24, 2012 User Martin W

The last opening for this month is in the books!

We already dragged our stuff to the Stubai Glacier on Thursday. Therefore we had the chance to catch a glimpse of the setup one day before all the Opening guests would arrive in the Stubaital to celebrate the usual Opening madness! After a shred, we returned back to our headquarter to get mentally and physically prepared for the next day!

Stubai Opening-16

on the way to the spot!

On Friday morning we started at 7 a.m. from Innsbruck to be up on the mountain at the testival area just in time. We pulled up our installation and our coffee to go-shred station! All guests as well as the representatives from the industry came by for a little chat and the best coffee on the mountain!

You share your rides and we care about you!

Stubai Opening-3

Friday morning, no big huzzle in the test aria!

Friday, afternoon at 1.30 pm we started the registration for our GAME of go-shred! We were stoked to see that only kings were participating at our contest.

game of go-shred

now it's official: GAME of go-shred will takes over TTR

We had 14 starters:

  • Steve Grumser

  • Michi Schatz

  • Simon Pircher

  • Lukas Lengle aka K-lo

  • Baschko

  • Flo Pötzel aka Pansen

  • Stephan Küberl

  • Manu

  • Kirsch

  • Nerj Ferjan

  • Andrej Marincic

  • Peter

  • Eric

  • Dejan

We divided the starters in 3 groups and started the competition immidiatly. The riders had a great battle and had so much fun to compete against their homies. Finally the two Slovenien rippers Nerj and Andrej won in their groups. Andrej e.g. had a super heavy battle against the local matador Steve Grumser. In the end Andrej eleminated Grumser with a half cap bs 3 off. In the third group Peter from Flachau Winkel won with a clean nosepress against Flo Pötzl. So our three winners of our best GAME of go-shred we have had until now were chosen:

Nerj, Andrej and Peter!

Stubai Opening

Winners: Nerj and Andrej (Peter was out for a shred)

In the evening we had some drinks at the Freizeit Center Neustift were the DRUNKEN MASTERS bombed their set into the crowd! Always nice to see these 2 dawgs!

On Saturday we welcomed our creative director Alex Pfeffer who came by to represent the go-shred spirit with the rest of the crew! During the day we went up to the park to test the Volcom Stubai snakepit season kick off. The course was in perfect shape and step by step the European shred elite arrived to participate! In the end there can only be one winner! We were pleased to see Marc Swoboda on the first place! Since we have started 3 years ago Marc has always been representing and supporting go-shred! Thank you!!!


Fuchsi, Dani, Sebi and Davo on course!!!

The second winner was Arthur Longo from Les2Alpes in France and on third place we had our Sane homeboy Simon Pircher! Sick dudes! In the evening creative Alex and me had the honor to chill in the backstage room with Jakop and Armin from the Waxwreackaz. After the private warm up gig we really liked the great show they once again performed on stage! BIG UPS and thanks for the party!


Winners: 3rd: Simon Pircher; 1st: Marc Swoboda; 2nd: Arthur Longo

We kept things easy on Sunday... after a refreshing breakfast, I went up for a hangover shred! One of the best ones I have ever had so far! Alex preferred to go down to Innsbruck to destroy the Landhaus Place. So everybody did what he likes the most because we don’t care what kind of board we ride! No matter where, no matter what!!! The only fact that counts is:

go-shred or stay at home!!!

Stubai Opening-7

Sunday Chill out with Michi, Hannes and Julia

THX to everybody who helped to make this event unique: Thank you Julia Hafemann, Alex Peffer, the whole Sane! crew, Chris Patch for the great speaker job during the GAME of go-shred, the Moreboards Stubai Premiere crew and all I forgot! Thanks to our friends of the industry Electric and Desperados as well.

Stay tuned and see you on the mountain!

go-shred or stay at home!

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