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NEW go-shred lottery with Anon & RED & Damüls
Time Posted on February 11, 2013 User Martin W

Dear go-shred heads,

we're very pleased to see our community growing! We never had so much ride offers in our last 3 season and it#s not over yet! We'll keep on pushing and try to make traveling as cheap, ecological and enjoyable as possible!

Please continue to support the go-shred MISSION cause what would be life without shredding?

With our go-shred lottery we want to reward your commitment! Please don't be angry if you didn't win this time! Keep on sharing and perhaps next time it's your turn!

Cause like one of my favorite Rappers NAS sad: What comes around goes around!

So keep going and perhaps next time this could be your prices!

Goggles, helmets and protections from Anon & RED and lift-tickets for powder heaven Damüls Mellau !


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