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Time Posted on March 26, 2010 User Moritz Weiss

The DC Area 43 Kitzbühel South with its huge obstacle and kicker offerings is not only highly popular amongst the local riders, but its good reputation has spread already over many other European countries. A group of six Norwegian DC pro riders could convince themselves about the high quality of the DC snowparks on the 10 of March 2010!

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The crew had already arrived some days before the film shooting in the Kitzbühel region and QParks camera man Clemens Prankl hit them on Tuesday evening to do some park shots with them. After a comfortable dinner at the Kaiserstube and a following walk, they went right to bed to e fit enough for going on top of the mountain the next early morning. A shooting at the new pro kicker and corner was planned, but unfortunately the wind threw a spanner in the team’s plans. Therefore the riders remained at the smaller elements and shredded for all it’s worth. „The guys had a really great time at the three-laned triple kickerline and accented again and again how fun it is to ride this park.“, mentions Clemens. After the snowpark session and the delicious lunch the guys and their “team-daddy” Arvid tore up the backcountry of Kitzbühel. They easily found a kicker that shot them high over the tree tops. Each of the riders has an incredible high level, especially Mons of the youngest crew members. He had to finish the session earlier because he had to leave for Tignes in France to take part at the European XGames – with only 13 years!

The diverse session spinned away and pretty fast the day tended towards its end. „Hence we had to leave the DC Area 43 Kitzbühel South being tired but extremely happy, and everybody had a phat smile in the face because the shooting was a real success!“ says Clemens enthusiastically.

thanks to QPARKS

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