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ONE DAY at Snowpark Steinplatte
Time Posted on February 20, 2019 User Martin W

(no german version)

Beginning of February we had the pleasure to check out the Snowpark at Steinplatte. Four boys and their toys and one of the most creative videographer in the bizz went to Steinplatte to show you what the park looks like.

Two snowboarders, Max Zebe and Kevin Trammer, two Skiers, Luca Pichler and Bernd Hager cruised trough the park, shooted by allmighty Theo Acworth to show you the good fun you will certainly have in this park.

Kickers, rails, sidehits and a fast chairlift is what you need to get smiled. But action speaks louder than words. You better check out the clip and reserve yourself a ticket for our FREE go-shred SHUTTLE to Steinplatte.

One day at Snowpark Steinplatte from on Vimeo.

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