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Peanut Butter Rail Jam - Salzwinkel 2010
Time Posted on February 28, 2010 User Moritz Weiss

VOLCOM PBJ - 2010 - Salzwinkel/Germany

It was the first time that a PBRJ tour stop was more or less next to our hometown. The first German tourstop took place on the Swabian Alb. It’s a little mountain about one hour from Stuttgart. Nearly the whole crew was already once on the spot, having a floodlight session after work, so it was a quite familial vibe.

PBRJ GERMANY from Volcom Europe on Vimeo.

When we arrived on Saturday morning at 8 a.m., our friends from the Salzwinkel snowpark were ready to transport all the stuff we needed for the spectacle up to the hill. After being arrived at the spot, the rest of the shaper gang prepared the three obstacles: one downrail, one kinkbox and one wavebox. The setup looked very invitational, so that we were pretty stoked from the nice setup in this tiny resort.

While we were installing the tents the barbecue and the sound station, the first kids arrived and started to practice. The registration started at 11 a.m., where 70 starters came up to participate at the contest. Most of the starters were 16 an older, so we had to divide this category in 4 heats. In the other categories, we had one girls heat, one kids heat and one heat in the new open division category where not only stuff prices but also price money could be won.

We started with the kids category followed by the girls category. In the girls heat a few well-known riders like Miriam Seip, Maike Haller and Carmen Beccaro were registrated, so there was a pretty high level.

In the category 16+ the level of snowboarding was really mixed but finally the best 3 riders of each heat were qualificated for the final. In the open division the so called king size league, the riders attested our expectation. The winner Raphael Kossmann glittered with blunt shift switch frontside three off or frontside one in the down rail to switch backside three off. But

also the other riders showed up some hard riding, so we saw some frontside and backside 270 hardway on the downrail and changes in all directions.


Best Girl: Miriam Seip

  • 15:

1) Christoph Glöckle 2) Mathias Graf 3) Lars Sadler

  • 16:

1) Martin Matysseh 2) Philip Kalkbenner 3) Peter Mayer

Open Division:

1) Raffael Kossmann 2) Ross Needham 3) Anton Siegordner

Electric Gooyest Move of the Day: Philip Häberle

Once again it was a good contest in the spirit of Volcom. Let the kids ride free and make them happy while they’re doing the sport they love. We finished with the presentation of prizes. After this the crew cleaned the spot and prepared all the stuff, so that the kassbohrer could transport it down to the parking place.

Many thanks to the crew who worked hard and showed up once again real team spirit. Thx to the Mertns aka Holger & Thorsten, Jonathan Schule, brother Kle aka Klemens König, shoting Simpi aka Simpert Hafenmeier, Simon Stiegler and Henne J aka Jens Hennefarth. Thx a lot to our buddies from the Salzwinkel snowpark who made a really good job. It was a pleasure to organize the contest with them! Besides many thanks to our friends from Electric, Nitro, Vans and Scullcandy.

stolen via: methodmag

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