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SEASON OPENING 2017 - Skatehalle Innsbruck
Time Posted on September 11, 2017 User Martin W

(no german version)

Pictures by Jörg Häken & Skataholix


Kris dropping in for DEATHRACE

After the Season break in July we started the new Indoor skate season with a JAM where everybody was invited for celebraiting skateboarding and showing some love the skateboard hall innsbruck!

group announcement

Martin introducing the rules

At 1p.m. we started the Jam with 3 challenges. Highest switch ollie, cause switch is always good to try. And 2 different ways of Game of SKATE. One on flat gorund and one in the quarter or at a bank, cause sometimes you have to change the perspective. The grand FINAL was the death race where we took the time of one round and additionally we gave some extr points for sticked tricks. THX to judge Steve Grumser for having always a good eye.

Simons know how to do switch Ollie

switch Ollie Simon Meister

Simon Meister switch ollie

Simon switch Ollie

Simon Rieder switch Ollie

More than 100 skateboard lovers showed up and had a great time till late evening. Having a free barbecue, some free Spezi – Das Oringinal and a family contest to improve their skills was the deal of the day!


Getting ready to play

We want to say tank you to all our supporters: Skatehalle Innsbruck, Ride in Pleasure skateboarding innsbruck, XDouble, ZIP6020, Spezi – Das Original, blue-tomato Superior distribution who send us grandious stuff from Real skateboards, Spitfire, Antiz, Anti Hero and Thunder trucks and last but not least the city of Innsbruck.












Survivers of the DEATHRACE

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