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Sane Session 2012 - Rinn/AT
Time Posted on March 26, 2012 User Martin W


We, the people of Sane! started building Rinn Jib Park three years ago in an effort to create our own playground and to have a collective shelter. We think we created a sweet place for local rail snowboarding to grow roots.


Rider: Fabian Sandholzer Pic: Jörg Häken

On Saturday 17 of March, we called out for the 2nd Sane!Session in order to give something back to people that supported us during the years and to get local rail riders rewarded for shredding. Thanks to our sponsors for making this possible: Xdouble, Sweet Dream, Deeluxe, Union, Forum, Special Blend, SP, Völkl, Go-Pro, Volcom, Electric, Adidas, Gloryfy.


Rider: Michael Schatzbluntsw50cab3out, Foto: Patrick Steiner

Almost everyone with a snowboard under their feet did grab stuff or cash prizes - whereby “shut up and take our money” was the preferred motto. Also we had free food (thanks Giner and Hörtnagl), free drinks (Red Bull) and free spring! BBQ- Guys did a great job and they know it. DJ PDX playing our favorite music.

The session was judged and hosted by referee “hard but fair” Steve Grumser who made sure to encourage everyone with creative and recent motivational methods like sarcasm and random criticism.

First we played “Game of SANE”, where all the riders totally broke the rules of physics. Well, you know what it is. Anyway you could see progression happening right in front of you. Tons of fun. Afterwards we started the cash for tricks – session. Got buck, get paid! Also we gave the visitors thechance to “find the goggle”.


Just to drop a few names of guys who showed off with sporty moves: Alex Acs, Max Glatzl, Thomas Fimmel, Klaus Lotto, Benno Postert, Fabi Sandwooder, Coach Phil, Hanne, Quitschie Sander, Davo Struber, Schatz Michi, Simon Pircher, Lukas Szendroi, Phillipp Güntner, Alex Ölberg, Dominik Brunner, Peatwiz, ..


Winner Game of sane!

  1. Acs Er
  2. Lukas Lengle
  3. Max Glatzl/Benno Postert/Fabian Sandholzer / Thomas Fimmel

 I’m sorry if I forgot to write your name here, I lost most of my memories during the after party at Jimmy’s Bar in Innsbruck (thanks Captain Morgan). It’s more important you were at this place at this time or something like that.  15

Props go out to Flori, Owner of Rinn Ski Resort, Adi from XDOUBLE and the mentally Sane! guys Michi Schatz, Patrick Wegerer, Tobi, Marx, Grumser, Phil, Hanne, Lotto, Brunner and all the others who helped making this park possible.

The S in SANE stands for Love! Holla at all the girls and boys!

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