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Snowboard clips of the week
Time Posted on November 19, 2020 User Martin W

We have our favourite snowboard clips of the week for you!

Video 1: A snowboard film by Beyond Medals:

Video 2: "El SUEÑO" filmed by Erik Leon & Kyle Schafer:

Video 3: "Genre" a snowboard film by DC Shoes:

Video 4:

First film by Shredbots Official after a long summer season. "Saas Fee 2020":

Video 5:

"Buffed" by Kyle Murray featuring: Austin Lamoreaux, Cole Michie, Jack Wiley, Jackson Happ, Jed Sky, Jeremy Ellenberg, Joey Leon, Lj Twombly, Mikey Tuck, Nate Carroll, Nath Vachon, Nick Joy, River Richer, Sean Neary and Zeb Cousins-Joyce.

Video 6:

Snowboarding video produced by Joonas Eloranta: "IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S ME"

Hope you enjoy watching!!

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