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Spring Sessions at MOREBOARDS Stubai Zoo
Time Posted on May 05, 2010 User Martin W

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Till end of may you will find the following obstacles in Stubai ZOO

more details at: MOREBOARDS Stubai Zoo


Downbox 8 m

Rainbowbox 6 m

A-Framebox 10 m

Curvedbox 6 m

Downrail 8 m

Pyrabox 9 m

Jibkicker 3 m




3 Kicker mit je 2 Absprüngen (10 bis 16 m Table)

2 Transferkicker

Kids line

Flatbox 3 m

Up/down Box 3 m

3 Kicker (5 m Table)

Industry pipe line

Straight pipe 4 m

Up/down pipe 4 m

High pipe 4 m

Stiffy pipe 3 m

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