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SURFER'S BAR - Kuta / Lombok / Indonesia
Time Posted on February 28, 2017 User Martin W

Kuta Mandalika

no it's not Hollywood, it's Kuta Mandalika

It all started with Mr Ir in 1978. Mr Ir was the first surf guide at Kuta Lombok and the builder of the structure of the actuel Surfer’s Bar, back than called the bamboo restaurant. Time flies by, surfers from all over the world are coming to explore the untouched waves. Most of the waves the common surf scene knows nowadays in KUTA/ Lombok were opened from Mr Ir. No magic seaweed, no surf, no blog where to read which tide is the best for riding this or that spot. Just hard mans work, real hunting for waves. As the tourism was about to grow, Mr Ir builds in front of his house one of the first restaurants to hang out with his friends and clients.

Way to the bar

crossing the parking lodge

Mama is taking care of all of us

Mama is taking care

That's why it's called surfers bar

everybody is welcome

After a few ups and downs, today Mr Ir’s sons and his friends took over the place because they had the idea to pull up a bar. This happens when a few teenager hyped from surfing want to party but have no money. First, the restaurant was given a little facelift, than they invented the name of SURFER'S BAR so that the boys could feel like at home. After that, the main problem should have been solved: Where do we can get beverage from without having money? As the boys where all good surfers and grew up with rising tourism on Lombok they proposed their guiding and surfing skills to the tourism in cooperation with the local surf shops.

Bar number two

Surfing makes me happy ...

Best guide in Lombok

if Rhino stops surfing he will loose his smile

Life is better when

life is better when you ...

With the money they earned, the boys went to the beverage shop and did a deposit for the first delivery and so everything started. In the year of 2013 SURFER'S BAR opened its doors! … Right now the bar has lot of guests who come from all over the world for living the dream. Friday party is the highlight of the week. With life music, DJ performing and side spectacles like fire-shows the locals and all the surf lovers celebrate till the early morning and it’s nothing special when the party crowd goes together to the beach, which is just on the other side of the road, to see the sunrise. That’s why you should not be disappointed when the bar is closed on Saturday. But no worries … party goes on. AND in generell the BAR IS OPEN EVERY DAY!

He likes or not?

do you like or not?

Roy Reef the Legend

everybody celebrates the SHRED

Schwedish 3 of the five

sweden meets germany

Party is on!

party people

It’s great to see, even though cultural differences are really big, surfing brings people and cultures together. So if you plan a trip to Lombok, make sure you find your way to Kuta and to Surfers Bar, where your dreams come true!!! If you need some more time for saving money for your journey, you can already get in contact with the boys and make yourself a first impressions with checking the Facebook page of Surfer’s Bar - Kuta Lombok and give them brothers a LIKE! Better than nothing …

Entrance no wifi

surfer's bar is always worth a trip

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