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Surfing at the Mediterranean Sea - Italy
Time Posted on June 23, 2019 User Martin W

Traveling time

Depending on where you life, the closest possibility to get some waves is Italy. From the south of Germany or the west of Austria you can reach the first surf spot in 5 or 6 hours. Entering Italy via the Brenner pass makes you coming across the Lake of Garda where it’s nice to have a break. Approximately half of the way to the Mediterranean Sea there’s a lot of stuff to do.

Chillin in the VANI

campside at Lake of Garda


Beside the basic attraction, like walking around the lake and its beaches (small but nice), you find tons of restaurants where you get all the diversities of Italian food. But if you want to earn your food first by doing some sporty activities, you can do all kind of wind and boat water sports and therefore you find several schools where you can take lessons or rent equipment for all you belongings.

Largo di Guarda

magnific view at the Lake of Garda

Not to forget there are great biking trails for all kind of levels. If you’re on your way to catch some waves and you got your own board with you, the lake of Garda is a great opportunity to get your paddle arms back in shape and although get used to the water temperature at the same time.

warm up padeling

paddling exercises done


You can easily find a campsite where to stay for the night but not to forget that the lake of Garda is quite touristic and that means quite expensive. But if you look closer and if you’re keen to catch some adventure vibes you will find a spot where to stay for the night. In general wild camping is not allowed but taking a break in the middle of the night after a long drive is always better than having a car accident because of being tired ;-). And if you don’t like to stay at a campsite you just get yourself a nice Airbnb flat.

me in the bus

coffee in the morning ritual

Mediterranean Sea

From the lake of Garda to one of the most popular surf spots at the west coast of Italy, Levanto, it’s a 3 or 4 hours drive depending on traffic. Levanto got a nice beach walk, hikes and a lot of restaurants where you can taste all different types of specialilities you can imagine.

Hiking in Levanto

hiking around Levanto


take the specialities to your balcony

Back to surfing. Levanto or the Mediterranean Sea in general got most and foremost wind swell. That means less waves than in the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean except if the weather is kind of stormy.

Surf Crowd

Levanto breaks

But in general the locals say that they have approximately 60 days of surf per year in Levanto. Just to let you know there are more spots where you can surf than Levanto, but all depends on the weather and if you’re keen enough to go searching them. Not to forget there’s a strong Italian surf scene which you should take in consideration cause locals are still locals and were probably there before you arrived. I recommend to check the weather forecast regularly and be ready for some adventure, concerning the search of spots.


lefthander at Levanto


another left

Romantic spots – Cinque Terre

But Italy got other stuff to explore. Just around the corner of Levanto there’s Cinque Terre, a touristic must see if you like romantic sea views, hiking in the vineyards and good Italian seafood.


one of cinque terre

As the name Cinque Terre says itself (five grounds) there’re five different little villages you can explore. But not to underestimate all the people from all around the world who come to see this highlights of Italy. I would recommend taking the train which takes you to all five places. It allows you taste a glass of win and eliminates the waste of time while searching for a place to park your car. There’s a day ticket which is about 15€ and is pretty reasonable if you start early in the morning and want to explore till late night. Make sure you check the train hours cause the later it gets, less trains coming around.


inside the litte village

All the other information you need for having a great stay in Italy you can find in the Internet. Just get yourself a little bit of time and do some research for some surf, pizza and Romantic in Italy.

Hope you enjoyed this little resume of the last trip to Italy. Thank you a lot Julia for being with me and making the trip even more romantic as it’s already by itself.


siren at the mediteranean sea

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