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Time Posted on April 15, 2010 User Moritz Weiss

This Wednesday April the 7th, the big media kicker at the Sölden glacier has finally been inaugurated by the first Oakley shooting! Among others, the Oakley riders Gjermund Braaten (Snb), Tom Klocker (Snb), Thomas Hlawitschka (Ski), Caja Schöpf (Ski) as well as some riders of the Headbud crew Christoph Söllner (Ski), Luggi Brucic (Ski) had the honor to be the first ones to ride that house of a kicker! The last couple of weeks our crew spent a host of backbreaking hours on the glacier to finish the giant hit. The outcome is just amazing but will be held “top secret” until autumn!

After many hours of hiking around the glacier with the single aim to find the perfect spot for the long-awaited shootingkicker, Söldens QParkdesigner Rudi Wyhlidal and his Shapecrew around headshaper Christoph Schöpf did a remarkable work up there to bring the Big Jump into a shape that fascinatingly seems like cut out of marble. The measurements are likewise impressive: The crazy hit towers 4 meters of high into the take-off air with an angle of 32°. Then one has to get over a table of 24 meters to hopefully stick the trick on the almost endless 35° steep landing. Needless to say that the participants of the shooting saw some massive airs, among others we were able to watch incredible 10’s, 12’s, late corks, double corks and so on…!

For Rudi, the day was really tough, as on the one hand he had to finish the kicker and meanwhile taking professional pictures and! All of those sweet files will be kept secret until autumn when we will enjoy a flood of breathtaking features in diverse snowboard- and freeskimedias. The special obstacle will remain at its place until May and the schedule of shootings on it is extremely tight! We have to mention though, the kicker is exclusively reserved for Oakley shootings and not meant for public riding. However, if you are able to spot it on the glacier, maybe you will have the chance to see one of the breathtaking media happenings there and some famous pros throwing themselves in the air…

Stay tuned, there’s more to come!

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