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TRICK of the Week: Handplant with Christian Kirsch
Time Posted on March 22, 2016 User Martin W

Springtime arrived. SLUSH, sunshine and sunburns!

We love it!

Christian aka Kirschi loves it too and here we go with a handplant as our new trick of the week!

Handplants are a great way to go overhead and to try something new! Go out and do handplants. With one hand, two hands however ... Btw it's a good way to get some experiences for millerflips.

THX Kirschi for the pic.

If you want to be part of our totw gallery which exists since the very beginning of (7th year), send us your picture at

P.S.: If you click on the picture you get automatically to the totw before. Great SLIDE show!!!


rider: Christian Kirsch aka Kirschi; Photographer: Yannik Böhler

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