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Thank God - Dachstein Glacier is finally open
Time Posted on June 16, 2010 User Moritz Weiss

It was a mess

... BUT ...

Summer...finally! This thought united summer-shredders and sun-worshipers alike at the Dachstein Summer-Opening this Saturday. The unique QParks-event surpassed all expectations of almost 400 enthusiastic snowboarders and freeskiers. At a relaxed atmosphere, 20°C and sunshine, happy faces and sovereign Dachstein-freestyle predominated the opening of the Horsefeathers Superpark Dachstein!

The two delays of the Opening in the cause of the gondola-rope revision had also an upside. This weekend, summer has finally moved in and so all the ingrained snowboarders and freeskiers could finally live their favorite sport up at perfect bluebird on the Dachstein glacier. The QParks shaping team around parkdesigner Andi Röck had all hands full with the park, as the heat in the last days made it really hard to keep it in shape for Saturday. For many shredders it’s the best time. Only then it is possible to go shredding in July and improve your tricks at numerous runs and soft, slushy snow!

Rail-action at the Ride and Roar Rail Jam

Due to the slow snow, riding the kickers was almost impossible. However, the more the girls and dudes showed their skills on the rails and boxes! The Ride and Roar Rail Jam had its premiere and was just perfect to set the newly bought boxes and rails in scene. The riders were extremely motivated and so the decision of who would finally take home a goodiebag by Horsefeathers, Blue Tomato and Adidas Eyewear, was really tough for the judges.

Finally the best of the categories Snowboard, Freeski and Girls were elected. After one hour free session riding, Felix Prankl (Ski), Flo Galler (Snbd) as well as Urska Pribosic (Snbd f) were the outstanding winners. Also brilliant were the performances of Marinus Höflinger (Ski) as well as the Snowboarders Daniel Limmer, Erik Harc and Nejc Ferjan who convinced the judges and could also take home some great goodiebags.

Cultclub party in Schladming powered by Horsefeathers

At a good freestyle event certainly a decent party shouldn’t be lacking. In order to celebrate the Opening adequately, the Shredders met for the afterparty at the Cultclub Schladming to dance the last energy out of their bones to the beats of the DJ’s Defneetiv – the ideal complement to an exhausting day on the glacier.

Some people could be seen already in their newly-won goodies and the rest of the folks were philosophizing about the highlights of the day and together had a great round-off round-off-party which they let pass in freestyle manner.

Rider Comments:

Flo Galler As expected, I really enjoyed the Opening. Good park, nice weather and meeting old friends. In my opnínion, QParks could not have enhanced the rail line in a better way. Fantastic atmosphere and nice slush, it’s just the best time of the year! Also, the Ride and Roar Rail Session was really cool. A relaxed session with friends at the Dachstein, the concept was good, because you are not under pressure to present the best performance in one run, but doing many runs in a certain period. And at the end of the day, Cultclub to the max!

Marinus Höflinger Welcomed by a 50 meters queue, I stood in front of the Dachstein cash-desk on Saturday morning. Shit I thought, but luckily most of the people were tourists or hikers and later, at the t-bar park-lift I never had to wait longer than 2 minutes. After 5 hours and about 30 runs later I was exhausted and without power… the perfect jib line requested everything from me, power- and trick-wise. Finally I let the Opening pass off with a bottle of beer and good mood before I turned back home after such an awesome bluebird day like that! Yes sir!

Daniel Limmer It was a perfect Opening at relaxed vibes and highsummerly temperatures on the glacier. In my opinion, the new rail setup is way better than the one of the last years and also the new easy-going and casual ‚Ride and Roar Railjam’ could establish itself pretty well into the whole concept. Unfortunately the kickers were too soft, due to the heat. For me, the Horsefeathers Superpark Dachstein is one of the only ones that can keep up with the American parks!

Felix Prankl A sick park, nice weather, motivated people, meeting known faces and a wicked party! The setup is really off da hook. The two new rails fit the line perfectly and the entire railline is fun as never before! The Ride and Roar Railjam was a really relaxed and fair contest format, just perfect for such events where fun stands in the foreground! Daniela Hochmuth After such a long time it’s just a treat to have the possibility to go shredding. The Opening is real fun because there are so many people and the atmosphere is great – just perfect. It was the hell of a day!

Nejc Ferjan Yeah, it was great - the day was a highlight itself. I came the whole way from Slovenia and it was worth it. So many people, nice weather and the park was even better than I had expected! I couldn't wish for anything more. It's so good having 3 downrails and a doublekink in a line, that's wasaaaap :) I'm really happy about the goodies too!

Wanna know more? See the gallery with a nice selection of the Dachstein Opening (Action, Lifestyle and Party) pics by Qphotographer Roland. And don't miss the awesome podcast!)

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