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Trick of the Week: fs 5-0 with la Chris!
Time Posted on January 23, 2012 User Lo Key

This week its a special pleasure to announce TotW .. why?

You might have occasionally heard this before.. but trust me this time it's the sole truth: we found the very most gentleman of snowboarding! Chris Geng!

Sometimes its just hard to deal with kids trying to convince us of their opinion about snowboarding, when you remember its just a board and two bindings. There are no rules except for the ones you coerce yourself with! Its supposed to be fun, not to be the best or the most core or whatever. Sometimes i feel like kids behave like police officers and judges in one.

Thats why its always great to ride with Chris! He wont tell you what you're allowed to and what not, hes just gonna take some laps with you to redeem from his daily working life. Down to earth and so chilled. He found balance through snowboarding. Thats something we all might try to reach one day!

Occasionally he is filming with da-ruchte gang. New movie planned for 2012? We hope so!!!


photographer: Felix Pfleiderer rider: Chris Geng

Cat totw Tag trick of the week,, Chris Geng, fs 5-0,, Felix Pfleiderer

2 responses to Trick of the Week: fs 5-0 with la Chris!

  • Anonymous User says:
    01/23/12 at 13:34:32

    pree dope

  • Anonymous User says:
    01/23/12 at 21:36:33


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