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Trick of the week with Raffael Kossmann - back tail
Time Posted on March 15, 2016 User Martin W

Who don't know Raffael Kossmann aka the "Bossmann"?

This week we have the pleasure to have a picture from Theo Acworth taking the moment when Raffi is back tailing the inhuman quad kink at the SANE Rinn Jib PARK!

As we know Raffi since nearly a decade we're very touched to see how he made his way. RESPECT bro!

Make yourself an impression and compare ...


rider: Raffael Kossmann; pictire by Theo Acworth (12/03/2016)

Raphi 2010 totw

rider: Raffael Kossmann; picture by Martin Hermmann (20/02/2010)

Cat totw Tag Raphael Kossmann, trick of the week,, 6 years later, make your way

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