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WINNER of the DRIVER of the pre-season AWARD
Time Posted on January 12, 2016 User Martin W

We wish you a happy new year and that ALL YOUR DREAMS come true!

In times when climate change is one of the most controversial topics, at least we want to do our part! Everyone can do something to fight against climate change because climate change is real and cannot be denied.

If you want to change something you could go into the streets and protest against the corrupt global players of the industry, who are abusing their financial power to avoid the directive of environmental protection. You could also join Greenpeace and fight against the destruction of our planet.

But more important is to be aware that everyone can make his or her contribution to keep their side of the streets clean. We as suggest one little thing that everybody can do to slow down the progressing climate change:


and every damn day you do this, you do more than all the other people who are just complaining about it but who are not willing to leave their comfort zone to really do sth. for a good thing!

We have some activists who’re fighting. And the guy with the most rides offered during the last month is:


THX for being part of the movement and a real role model to those who’re just talking...

Action speaks louder than words

Volcom Christmas Raffle

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