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We meet Klaus Marko from the SPC Camp ...
Time Posted on June 23, 2011 User Martin W

Spc revival

Hello shred-heads,

hope you’re fine. Perhaps you remember that go-shred was part of the SPC Revival Camp in the beginning of May. It was the first SPC camp after a break of 10 years and it took place on the same spot and with the same organizer Klaus aka Captain Chaos like back then in the original SPC. I was stoked and had a great time. When I went back home after the camp, I racked my brain over three questions. That’s why I had to connect Klaus to ask him the following questions. And finally here we got the answers.

Klaus SPC

1: What was your motivation to do a revival of the SPC Camp?

Celebrating the 15 years anniversary of SPC Camps in the first place, promoting the new SPCtubes in the second and actually I was curious how many old dogs would spontaneously find the way up to Hintertux after 10 years ;-).

2: Are you happy with the result?

The first weekend brought some old feelings back, the second wasn't busy at all... due to the shitty weather forecast.

3: Is there another SPC camp next season?

We had a meeting and totally agreed to reload it for next spring for sure.

I’m very happy to hear that there's gonna be another SPC Camp next year and it would be great to see you there!!!

BIG THANKS to Klaus for satisfying my curiosity and I hope to see all you guys next year at the SPC Camp.

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