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XDouble I Concrete Madness 2019 supported by go-shred
Time Posted on October 09, 2019 User Martin W

A legendary Skateboard Contest from the oldest Skateshop in Innsbruck went down a few weeks ago at Skatepark Tivoli. We're proud that we could support the local shop that hooked up a lot of young talented skateboarders.

But we're disappointed as well because ... One day the Shop manager Udo called me asking if I could support the Concrete Madness skateboard contest and especially if I could sponsor the money for the Bowl best trick contest. I said: really, is there no brand, no distribution you're dealing with for over 20 years who wants to support you?

Sadly, he sad: NO. I was embarrassed. What a shame! All the distribution making good money for more than 2 decades and nobody wanted to spend a few €s for the kids who spend their whole money into skateboarding stuff.

But long story short, I celebrate XDouble, the owner, the crew, the team and that's why we had the BOWL cash for tricks Session supported by go-shred.

From time to time you have to give back something and sometimes it's money, so hopefully it’s kind of an example for all those distributors. Never forget the scene, cause they feed you!

Looking forward to the next Double Madness!

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