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go-shred lottery with Deeluxe and Kitzsteinhorn
Time Posted on January 23, 2014 User Martin W

It's time for another round of our traditional go-shred lottery!

Everybody who share his ride on automatically takes part and has the chance to WIN stuff from DEELUXE and lifttickets for Kitzsteinhorn!

Don’t be careless, instead - help the carless! Offer your ride and save money! ACT environmental friendly and likewise live your passion!


People ask why we raffle so much stuff each month?

The answer is simple! We like to motivate you. We try to help you understand that sharing is caring and that one hand washes the other!

YOU share and we care about YOU!

Probably there is no need to explain why carpooling to the hill makes sense! But why should you do it on and not on one of the 20 million other platforms and groups circulating in the net?

The answer is simple again. go-shred tries to live the passion! If you want to explain why shredding is so important in your life in a few words, you will struggle to find the right words! That's why we try to give everything to help you do what you like the most, as often, as cheap and as long as you want!

We do our part, now it's time to go-shred for the FUTURE!

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