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let the games begin - Vancouver 2010 - Countdown
Time Posted on February 12, 2010 User Moritz Weiss

Tonight on 3.00 am (CET) the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver/Canada will start.

A lot of great sports will be presented, but our eyes are on FRIDAY 17th their the qualifications in Halfpipe will started on 1.15 pm (LT). We are super excited to this event. There are many of tv stations who bring this event live to you, so be with us when they say: LET THE GAMES BEGIN

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1 response to let the games begin - Vancouver 2010 - Countdown

  • Nicolai Notter says:
    02/13/10 at 21:15:51

    Quali: Ab 4.40 Uhr im ZDF
    Semis: 2.30Uhr-3.30Uhr auf ZDFInfokanal
    Finals: Ab 4.40 Uhr im ZDF

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