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go-shred meets HOTZONE.TV at Spring Classics

Time Posted on June 06, 2010 User Martin W Comment No comments

We went to the spring classics at the Kaunertaler glacier and met the HOTZONE.TV team, namely Georg Huber, Tini Gruber, Thomas Tramnitz and Lars Oesterle. It's always fun, when i shred with Lars and he had also the time to give me some hints. THX dude !!! So enjoy the short clip of the HOTZONE. T

Tag, spring classics, powder, kicker, coaching, Kaunertal, Tirol,

Scruffy the Knife Show Dog

Time Posted on June 03, 2010 User Martin W Comment No comments

Knife Show's been around for two years, and to celebrate, we're showing you a day in the life of our two biggest stars, Scruffy the dog and Casey. Oh, and you'll get to meet Mike's new dog Fuzzy (not gonna lie - she's pretty awesome). Seriously though, thanks to everyone for supporting us these las

Tag Scruffy the dog, Case, shred, spring snowboarding, whitelines

2nd delay Dachstein ... What a fuck !!!

Time Posted on June 03, 2010 User Martin W Comment No comments

New interruptions at the Dachstein cable-revision cause another delay for the Summer Opening 2010! After a technical issue at the current swap of the steel-cable of the Dachstein ropeway, the great Summer Opening has to be delayed for another week to the 12th of June 2010. As a gesture of goo

Tag 2nd delay Dachstein, Dachstein glacier, Planai, Horsefeathers Superpark

Real Family Teaser 2010

Time Posted on May 30, 2010 User Martin W Comment No comments

If you want to know what the real family did last winter, have a look... go on dudes !!! for more infos: Real Family Teaser 2010 from davidundgoliath on Vimeo.

Cat news Tag real family teaser, real family,

Horsefeathers Superpark Dachstein News

Time Posted on May 29, 2010 User Martin W Comment No comments

Horsefeathers Superpark Dachstein is taking shape In the last weeks we’ve heard a lot about the Dachstein Opening and its unexpected delay, about the lotteries and we talked with freestyle pros about the Horsefeathers Superpark Dachstein. It all made us more and more curious about the park itself

Tag Dachstein, glacier, horsefathersuperparks, spring shred, snowboarding, skiing
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