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TRICK OF THE WEEK - !!!Double McTwist 1260!!!

Time Posted on January 24, 2010 User Moritz Weiss Comment No comments

... Olympic Games can come.... Shaun White adds Double McTwist 1260 to his Olympic repertoire By: point grinder Though Golden boy Shaun White remains the favorite to win the halfpipe competition next month in Vancouver, the gap that once existed between White

Cat totw Tag trick of the week, double mctwist 1260, shaun white

go-shred LOTTERY

Time Posted on January 24, 2010 User Martin W Comment No comments

Dear shredders, hope you had a good start in the year 2010. We had one, but we still miss the good pow. What we do nevertheless, is riding parks, because there is such a good choice, that we couldn’t stop going shred. Here we are back with the go-shred lottery. Participation is so easy! You only

Cat lottery Tag, go-shred lottery, Electric, free stuff,

the next US Olympic esperance is fallen...

Time Posted on January 22, 2010 User Moritz Weiss Comment No comments

After Kevin Pearce, Danny Davis is ne next Olympic rider of the US Team who is out of the race.... SALT LAKE CITY -- Snowboarder Danny Davis has been admitted to a Utah hospital with a back injury he endured in a non-snowboarding accident. Davis was likely to make the U.S

Cat news Tag Danny Davis, accident, Olympics

Bright Tradeshow Winter 2010 - Review

Time Posted on January 17, 2010 User Moritz Weiss Comment No comments

!!!It was the last BRIGHT TRADESHOW in Frankfurt/Germany!!! ... some of you heard it before, Bright still leaving Frankfurt, it was the last time in the old historical building of Frankfurt, with his much to small room for the big companies, and the special flair when every floor looks like each oth

Tag Bright Tradeshow, FFM, Vice, Frankfurt, Berlin

I Ride 4 Kevin. - Support him!!!

Time Posted on January 17, 2010 User Moritz Weiss Comment No comments

Several of you knows from the vital accident from Kevin Pearce, one of the most impressive riders ever. On December 31, Kevin Pearce sustained a severe brain injury while riding halfpipe at Park City, Utah. While Kevin has a long recovery ahead of him, he is a very strong and

Cat news Tag Kevin Pearce, I Ride 4 Kevin.,
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