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ISENSEVEN - New Teaser for 2010/2011

Time Posted on February 25, 2010 User Moritz Weiss Comment No comments

This is the first official Teaser for the 2010 Isenseven Video Project (offcial name is yet to be announced). FILMING: Alex Schiller, Tom Elliot, Vincent Urban, Norman, Prendi EDITING: Vincent Urban GRAPHICS: Alex Schiller Isenseven 2010 - Welcome Teaser from Vincent Urban on Vi

Cat news Tag Isenseven, next Season, germany

Trick of the Week – frontside one

Time Posted on February 22, 2010 User Martin W Comment 1 comment

The name of the trick might not sound as exiting as the double McTwist but, he is one of the first tricks you learn, when you start snowboarding. And even if you reach a certain level of snowboarding you still enjoy pulling a massive frontside one over a cliff or a huge kicker.

Cat totw Tag TOTW, trick of the week, frontside one

Scotty here, Scotty there....

Time Posted on February 20, 2010 User Moritz Weiss Comment 1 comment

Based on these photos the Olympic committee decided to kick Scotty Lago ( Bronze medalist - Men's halfpipe) of the Olympic village. Do you think they Olympic commitee went to far on judging his behavior? Was it out of line? Is this the kind of behavior you would expect from a 22 year old who just won

Tag Scotty Lago, Scotty Wittlake, Olympic Games, Holden

Vancouver 2010 - Halfpipe Mens (results) + pics

Time Posted on February 18, 2010 User Moritz Weiss Comment No comments

Its over tonight was the quali, semi and the finals in Snowboard Halfpipe. and here are the results: what a surprise and here more impressions from the live event

Tag Vancouver, Olympic Games, Halfpipe,

Vancouver 2010 - tomorrow Halfpipe (Quali)

Time Posted on February 16, 2010 User Moritz Weiss Comment No comments

Hey Olympic Fans, tomorrow at 10 PM the Qualification of "our" mainevent SNOWBOARD HALFPIPE starts. So if you are at home you can watch it on TV, but if not here are some links to online Livetickers. Or try to get a sport-station over ZATOO. LIVETICKER: GERMAN from ENGLISH from 17.02.201

Tag Vancouver, Olympic Games, Halfpipe,
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