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Horsefeathers - Movember - Awareness of prostate and testes cancer

Time Posted on November 03, 2015 User Martin W Comment No comments

You need balls for snowboarding! No matter if you are dropping to the backcountry line, huge kicker or street rail down twenty stairs. At the same time, you also need balls to admit that you have a health issue and to speak about it openly. And that is why the Movember movement is here again! Ev

Cat news Tag Horsefeathers, Movember, join the team, awareness of prostate and testes cancer

Antti Jussila - Horsefeathers global snowboard team

Time Posted on November 02, 2015 User Martin W Comment No comments

The biggest news of the past weeks is a gain of the new power to our global snowboard team. Let us introduce you the young Finish street killer Antti Jusilla who is going from one successful season to another. Antti had a joint part with Teo Konttinen in the King Cobra movie from KBR in the 2014/

Cat news Tag Horsefeathers, global snowboard Team Horsefeathers, Antti Jussila, King Kobra,, shredmoreworkless, riderdrivencompany

Stubaital Opening was a WINTER welcome CEREMONY!

Time Posted on October 22, 2015 User Martin W Comment No comments

Als letztes Opening steht wie immer der Stubaitaler Gletscher auf dem Programm. Im Vergleich zum letzten Jahr gab es Schnee und dem entsprechend Wintergefühle. Winter welcome Nach dem ersten Schreck, nämlich den Stauungen auf der Gletscherstraße, den überbelegten Parkplätzen und den umsorgte

Cat Spezi - Das Original Tag, Stubaital Gletscher, go-shred for SOLIDARITY, Volcom, caring is sharing, Umweltbewusst, verkehrsberuhigend,

Trick of the Week with Wolfgang Natterer - Halbepress

Time Posted on October 21, 2015 User Christos Constantonis Comment No comments

(english version below) rider: Wolfgang Natterer; photographer: Stephan Ruchte; trick: Halbepress Warum das Bier erst in der Shred-Pause trinken? Wolfgang Natterer sprat sich die Pause und hat somit mehr Zeit für fette Tricks. Seht Wolfgang im neuen "growling tribe" movie am 24.10. in der "Bäc

Cat totw Tag snowboarding, Christos Tonis, Wolfgang Natterer, Stephan Ruchte, Halbepress, growling tribe, go shred, shredden, totw, Trick of the Week

Backcountry vs Park - Mario Kaeppelli & Steve Grumser

Time Posted on October 21, 2015 User Martin W Comment No comments

Sometimes you wonder, sometimes you ... Steve Grumser & Mario Kaeppeli lovin the SHRED Yesterday at Stubaital we had one of the greatest days so far and everybody was psyched to find what he loves the most! Mario hiking & scouting new backcountry SPOTS Steve gaping the steel with st

Cat news Tag, Mario Käppeli, Steve Grumser, Stubaital, Stubaizoo, praise the board
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