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Tonight at Jimmy's bar (IBK) - Method Movie premiere

Time Posted on October 29, 2016 User Martin W Comment No comments

I's Saturday, it's Saturday ... What's your plan for tonight? If you like shredding pow, rails and kickers move to our favorite bar in Innsbruck and celebrate the SHRED with them boys ... Heavy hitters on the screen and on the dancefloor. Get prepared and be ready for party with Max Zebe, Ethan MOr

Cat news Tag video premiere, Jimmy's bar, Innsbruck, go-shred, methid movie mag

WINNERS of the lifttickets for STUBAI Premiere are ...

Time Posted on October 20, 2016 User Martin W Comment No comments

(englisch version below) Die 8. go-shred Saison ist schon in vollem GANGE und wir freuen uns ein weiteres Jahr den SHRED support für alle Herzblutwintersportler anbieten zu können. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Stubaitaler Gletscher haben wir 3 x 2 Tageskarten verlost! Und hier die GEWINNER: Jul

Cat news Tag Stubai Premiere, Stubaital, Stubaital Gletscher, 2016,, go-shred SUPPORT, sharing is caring, you sahre we care

Ethan BIGSHOW IntergalACTION at D-Stoner glacier

Time Posted on October 20, 2016 User Martin W Comment No comments

Ethan Morgan is certainly not the first astronaut on D-Stoner Planet but you can be sure one of the most excited visitors! Check out his intergalactical expedition and #shredmoreworkless Ethan Morgan's Intergalactic Park Edits Episode1: Di Dark Side Of Di D-Stone from Ethan Morgan on Vimeo.

Cat news Tag Ethan Morgan, Dachstein glacier, go-shred, intergalaction

Volker Schicke - Bispingen Souvenirs

Time Posted on October 18, 2016 User Martin W Comment No comments

Volker aka Volkaracho is from the north of Germany! No hills, no mountains and even worth nearly now snow! BUT there's an indoor slope at Bispingen! Volkers second homeresort. Second because now he's livin in Innsbruck since more than 5 years and nowadays he's the man behind the bar at Tante Emma!

Cat news Tag Volker Schicke,, Bispingen, Tante Emma, sane snowboarding, #shredmoreworkless

Max Zebe got STEEZ ... Highlights from the contest at 31st Kaunertaler Opening

Time Posted on October 17, 2016 User Martin W Comment No comments

Our family boy & Spezi - Das Original Lover Max Zebe got STEEZ! Check out a few highlights from his contest run at the 31st Kaunertaler Opening contest! Max Zebe at 31st Kaunertaler Opening/ Austria from on Vimeo.

Cat Spezi - Das Original Tag Max Zebe, Kaunertaler Opening,, Spezi - Das Original, #spezialmoment
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