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Summer break I Skatehalle Innsbruck

Time Posted on July 26, 2019 User Martin W Comment No comments

(englisch version below) Sommer, Sonne, Sonnenschein zieh ich mir wirklich gerne rein ... Und deshalb ist es auch wieder an der Zeit für die wohlverdiente Sommerpause der Skatehalle INNSBRUCK. Das letzte Wochenende steht vor der Tür an dem die Halle nochmal gerockt werden kann. Am Donnerstag de

Cat news Tag Sommerpause, summer break, go-shred, skatehalle innsbruck, skateboarding, inauguration

FAM MEM Simon Rieder I MVP Session Vienna

Time Posted on July 26, 2019 User Martin W Comment No comments

We're stoked to know that Simon Rieder is motivated and that he's ready to deliver !!! THX4representing go-shred. For the second time, Austrian Skateboarding legend and #bluetomatoteam rider Philipp Schuster invited a handpicked selection of young Austrian skateboarders to the MVP Session in Vienn

Cat news Tag Simon Rieder, family memeber, FAM MEM, go-shred, Philipp Schuster, blue-tomato team, your ride is our mission

OWN Skateboards - Made in Germany II

Time Posted on July 23, 2019 User Martin W Comment No comments

OWN Skateboards aus dem Stuttgart Raum ist schon fast 20 Jahre in der Welt of skateboarding aktiv. Angefangen hat alles mit einem Gesellenstück, nämlich einer Presse um Skateboards zu bauen. Und dann ging alles seinen Gang ... Homies, Leidenschaft, Visionen und die Jahre ziehen ins Land und hier

Cat news Tag Own skatebaording, stuttgart, homies, Leidenschaft, handmade, in germany, go-shred, never give up the shred ...

Huntington Beach – San Diego – Huntington Beach

Time Posted on July 05, 2019 User Martin W Comment No comments

After 2 weeks of great surf and acclimatization to the Californian way of life I twisted my ankle while skateboarding on a day where I was supposed to rest. I wanted to rest this day cause I surfed too much and didn’t take care about my leg of sleep due to the jetlag. Additionally as my body was

Cat news Tag huntington beach, san diego, go-shred, surfing history, greek surfboards, japan meets germany

NEW Etnies video - transitoire - WELCOME Nassim Lachhab

Time Posted on July 05, 2019 User Martin W Comment No comments

Etnies founded in 1986 by Pierre André Senizergues, ex skate pro. Roots in skateboarding till the very beginning. If you believe in skateboarding, you can make the choice, what you got on your feeds. Etnies is proud topresent “TRANSITOIRE”, the brand new team promo video, that brings with i

Cat news Tag etnies, skateboarding, transitoire, go-shred, roots, nassim lachhab, original skateboarding
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