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(AT) wubhalle INNSBRUCK with Gregor Senfter & friends

Time Posted on January 15, 2016 User Martin W Comment No comments

(english version below) Unser go-shred Familienmitglied Gregor Senfter und seine Freunde würden am liebsten in die WUB Skatehalle in Innsbruck einziehen, aber leider ist die Halle tatsächlich manchmal geschlossen, obwohl die Öffnungszeiten (täglich bis 22 Uhr) schon einzigartig sind. Wir könne

Cat news Tag, Wub skatehalle, Innsbruck, Gregor Senfter

(AT) Snowpark Stuhleck - EST AUTRIA

Time Posted on January 13, 2016 User Martin W Comment No comments

Our friend Marius Carp from the Snowpark Stuhleck asked me one day how he could support I was very pleased to hear this question. My answer was: Would be great to integrate the go-shred logo in your clips and here we go with the first video go-shred logo inclusive! THX boys and hopef

Cat news Tag go-shred, snowpark Stuhleck, Marius Carp, support, shredding with the Gs

Mario Kaeppeli's COMING HOME

Time Posted on January 13, 2016 User Martin W Comment No comments

Our friend Mario Kaeppeli made this documentary trough his 2015 season with his buddies Mario Wanger and Tom Klocker. Recapitulating his career Mario tells his story of snowboarding and gives insight into his state of mind. Just another way to live snowboarding or the WAY? Enjoy the movie and get

Cat news Tag Mario Kaeppeli, go-shred, Coming Home,, sharing is caring

WINNER of the DRIVER of the pre-season AWARD

Time Posted on January 12, 2016 User Martin W Comment No comments

We wish you a happy new year and that ALL YOUR DREAMS come true! In times when climate change is one of the most controversial topics, at least we want to do our part! Everyone can do something to fight against climate change because climate change is real and cannot be denied. If you want to chang

Cat lottery Tag go-shred, driver of the pre season, Volcom board, Florian Neu, winner, announcement, climate change, do your thing

Travel report - why we surf in Fuerte Ventura

Time Posted on January 06, 2016 User Martin W Comment No comments

(english version below) Der Winter lässt gerade ein bisschen auf sich warten und hat uns keine weiße Weihnacht beschert. Aber das macht uns gar nix, denn es gibt immer einen Platz auf der Welt, wo man shredden kann. FROHES NEUES JAHR!!! Auch wenn der fehlende Schnee ein wenig traurig stimmen k

Cat news Tag fuerte ventura, joyas surfschool, go-shred, surfing, payless, Tim Elter, family rider, Spezi - Das Original
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