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#2 CHRISTMAS lottery with NIKITA! 4 GIRLS who shred ...

Time Posted on December 04, 2013 User Martin W Comment 19 comments

You SHARE and we reward, we have this Christmas special raffle for you: Line skis for the first time in history of go-shred! Nikita clothing combo for girls who share rides! K2snowbord hand signature by Danny Larsen! Step by step we announce the two other raffles! SO you better stay tuned!!! Par

Cat lottery Tag Christmas lottery,, Nikita clothing, Vera Jansen

#1 go-shred CHRISTMAS lottery: WIN LINE skies ...

Time Posted on December 03, 2013 User Martin W Comment 18 comments

Participation is very easy: Register on Post a comment under this blog post (make sure you are logged in so we can see your name) Boost your Winning chances! You can increase your winning chance by publishing the URL of the blog post via your social media channels! Every additional

Cat lottery Tag line skis, christmas raffle, boost your winning chances, you SHARE and we CARE,

NEW go-shred lottery with LRG

Time Posted on November 06, 2013 User Martin W Comment No comments

We want to reward those who share their rides and help to save the planet! For those who don’t know the GAME, participation is so simple! You just offer a ride and you automatically take part in our lottery! Follow this link to offer a ride: Offer a ride ... AND this is what you can get ...

Cat lottery Tag go-shred lottery,, LRG. offer a ride and get rewarded

Winner announcement of the latest go-shred lottery with Stance Socks

Time Posted on November 05, 2013 User Martin W Comment No comments

CONGRATULATIONS to all the go-shred drivers! It's heartrending to see how many peoples use go-shred! How many peoples share their rides and to see so much shred possibilities via go-shred! Let's get ready for SHRED and spread the SPIRIT all over the planet! We just set a new record: WITH 329 rides

Cat lottery Tag winner of the go-shred lottery,, stance socks, winner announcemnet

NEW go-shred lottery with Stance socks!

Time Posted on October 01, 2013 User Martin W Comment No comments

On time for the beginning of the season we'll start a new round of our lottery with prices from stance! With our lottery we want to reward those who share our passion and their rides! When you share your ride, you help people to find a way to the mountains, you act environmental friendly which keep

Cat lottery Tag go-shred lottery,, Stance, October 13, sharing should be self-evident, sharing is caring and we care about the future
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