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go-shred NEWS October

Time Posted on October 16, 2012 User Martin W Comment No comments

Hey guys!!! Are you already seized by snowboard excitement? We sure are, and we want to bring the highest amounts of ‘win’ in your season start! That’s why well keep on providing all our special services for the upcoming Opening events! Also we will keep on rewarding all you riders out t

Cat news Tag go-shred NEWS,, Dany Larsen's customized K2 snonboard, opneings, go-shred collection, driver of the season

WIN Danny Larsens customized snowboard!

Time Posted on September 30, 2012 User Martin W Comment No comments

WIN WIN WIN Danny Larsens custom hand made snowboard! All you got to do is share this picture, register on, cross your fingers! BIG thanks to Danny Larsen and K2 Snowboarding for supporting the go-shred community with creativity and effort! We appreciate your work a lot! We’ll annou

Cat news Tag Danny Larson, K2 snowboarding, customized board, win,

First go-shred COLLECTION!!!

Time Posted on September 07, 2012 User Martin W Comment No comments

We proudly present our FIRST go-shred collection! We have hoodies and tees for men and all the lovely shred women outside! 2 different designs in various colors! Inspired by the go-shred crew, we want you to represent the dream, cause it’s more than a life style! PLEASE, Send orders at hello@go-s

Cat news Tag, go-shred collection, pre-order discount, representing the dream,

new HORSEFEATHERS Flagship store in Prague!

Time Posted on September 06, 2012 User Martin W Comment No comments

Horsefeathers Flagship store opens in Prague! The Horsefeathers team is proud to announce the opening of their fourth Horsefeathers Concept Shop, this time in the historical center of Prague. Given the incredible downtown location and 260m2, the store is geared to draw massive attention right from

Cat news Tag Horsefeathers, Flagship store, Prague,

Sarah-Jane Phillips and crew spreading go-shred in NZ

Time Posted on August 29, 2012 User Martin W Comment No comments

A delegation of our Innsbruck homies made their way to NZ last month. Among them we have Sarah-Jane Phillips, Andy Phillips, Steve Küberl, Simon Pircher and Flo Heim. Of course they are not taking the atrocities of winter just for bird watching, the nice landscape or a fishing trip. Also it looks

Cat news Tag, New Zealand, Sarah-Jane Phillips, Andy Phillips, Steve Küberl, Simon Pircher, Flo Heim, Sepp Toots, Pat Moore, Enni Rukajärvi
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