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Niklas Mattson on K2 Snowboarding

Time Posted on November 23, 2011 User Martin W Comment No comments

Niklas Mattson on K2 Snowboards and Bindings! Only 4 days after 19 year old Niklas had received the first K2 Snowboard and Bindings he killed it during Pleasure Jam at Dachstein. K2 is excited to present the latest addition to the team, Niklas Mattson originally from Sidelake/ Sweden, but curre

Cat news Tag Niklas Mattson, K2 Snowboarding, Marius Sommer

St. Nikolaus Day Give Away! Win Marc Swoboda's ProOneOff ...

Time Posted on November 22, 2011 User Lo Key Comment 6 comments

Hey christmas folks! Do you hear the bells ringing? It’s Christmas times again. And we just can’t expect this time to fulfill our hearts with joy and love and what not. Ok, sorry, we don’t want to bore you and we heard Christmas was all about gifts... Before we all get down to celebrate the b

Cat news Tag Marc Swoboda,, St. Nikolaus Day, Nitro snowboards

Julia Baumgartner - MOG movie production

Time Posted on November 05, 2011 User Martin W Comment No comments

Julia Baumgartner, first shred lady from Austria. We saw her part in "The Reality" of the Tyrolean movie production company MOG and we're stioked!!! Enjoy the part and pray for snow. We need more ... More Snowboarding Videos Everthing fine, everybody smile!

Cat news Tag Julia Baumgartner, MOG production, k2snowboarding, Electric visuels, go-shredcom

Propaganda - Full Movie

Time Posted on November 04, 2011 User Martin W Comment No comments

Check out the new the PROPAGANDA snowboard movie from RockOn Snowboarding. It's a pleasure to see so much heavy rail bangers ... Enjoy the video and get inspired! It's all about propaganda ... Here you got all the names of the Protagonists: TEAM: Wessel Van Lierop Marlon Boeger Philipp S

Cat news Tag Propaganda, RockOn snowboarding,, snowboard movie

Marc Swoboda - full part LOVEolution

Time Posted on October 31, 2011 User Martin W Comment No comments

HEAVY METAL !!! Enjoy the BOSS Swoboda ...

Cat news Tag Marc Swoboda, LOVEolution,
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