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go-shred NEWS lottery/ SICK of trash/ GRATIS Spot Guide Place

Time Posted on June 09, 2013 User Martin W Comment No comments

Hello all, Hope you’re doing fine! Here in the go-shred office it’s all under control and we’re happy those day to catch some sunrays. The temperature is slowly rising but we still get pictures, videos and news from snowfalls on the glaciers, avalanches dropping down from the local mount

Cat news Tag NEWS, newsletter, go-shred lottery, Volcom, Dachstein,, Sick of trash, Horesefeathers, Spot Guide for free

go-shred goes skateboarding!

Time Posted on May 22, 2013 User Martin W Comment No comments

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Now it’s official! go-shred goes skateboarding! Since the birth of we have planned to push carsharing into the skateboard scene as well, because when I think back in the days, my first trip or my first group travel experience was a trip to a skate hall to

Cat news Tag, go-shred goes skateboarding, Telum skateboards, share your ride, go-skate together, don't be shy and try

go-shred technical NEWS - FREE Spot Guide place/ widget/ event support

Time Posted on May 21, 2013 User Martin W Comment No comments

Dear go-shred friends, supporters and partners, This time we send you some unusual NEWS! Here we go with the “Technical support” via for everybody: any brand, shop, ski resort, event organizer and all those who are running a website or a blog! So if you think, go-shred could push

Cat news Tag, TECHNICAL news, widget, Spot Guide place, event support, Premium Spot Guide place

Felix A. representing!

Time Posted on April 29, 2013 User Martin W Comment No comments

New go-shred-Mobil ad! Check out the go-shred branded van of the man Felix A. The guy is a motivated allround talent who lives the easy life and is always up to do whatever is fun! go-shred is stoked to have such a great supporter in Felix. Pay attention on the road and in case you see his massi

Cat news Tag go-shred, com, mobile ad, Felix Aurig, go-shred or stay at home

Innsnowation - Val Senales takes it all by Martina Jole Moro

Time Posted on April 19, 2013 User Martin W Comment No comments

Dear go-shred fellows, May I introduce to you Martina Jole Moro, our new Italian go-shred agent? She likes shredding, traveling and writing ... She did several reports for and since a few months she’s a part of the go-shred family! Martina helps us to introduce to all the

Cat news Tag Martina Jole Moro, Val Senales, F-Tech, Innsnowation, Simon Gruber, F-tech shooting,
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