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first impression from opening ...

Time Posted on September 30, 2011 User Martin W Comment No comments

Perfect conditions for the next three days in the Betterpark. See Marco Grilic and Marco Feichtner testing the setup. It's on when it's on! - Find your way to Park Opening Hintertux!! See you there, your go-shred team ...

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We meet Klaus Marko from the SPC Camp ...

Time Posted on June 23, 2011 User Martin W Comment No comments

Hello shred-heads, hope you’re fine. Perhaps you remember that go-shred was part of the SPC Revival Camp in the beginning of May. It was the first SPC camp after a break of 10 years and it took place on the same spot and with the same organizer Klaus aka Captain Chaos like back then in the origi

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go-shred@SPC Camp in Hintertux

Time Posted on May 12, 2011 User Martin W Comment No comments

Did you ever heard about the famous SPC Camp? One of the most influential shred camps in Europe 10 years ago ... But why should we tell you all this? We don't know ... But what we can propose, have a look on this pictures and ask yourself if you have to go-shred or not ... So once again, it's like

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go-shred at opening

Time Posted on October 05, 2010 User Martin W Comment 2 comments

go-shred season start go-shred started the season in Hintertux on the opening. We started Friday evening from Munich with our new Fiat Scudo 4x4 to Hintertux. It was the first trip with the new shred-vehicule. Everything went fine and the four passengers were all really happy that they

Cat news Tag Hintertux opening in Hintertux

Time Posted on October 04, 2010 User Martin W Comment No comments

Here the first impressions from the opening. More pics and stuff coming soon, so watch out !!!

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