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#TrickforCan I Nordkette Skylinepark

Time Posted on April 05, 2021 User Martin W Comment No comments

(English Version Below) Monster Energy sucht deinen #TrickforCan. Der Nordkette Skylinepark ist bis zum 18. April geöffnet und solange hat Du Zeit deinen #TrickforCan zu filmen Was dafür zu tun ist: Filme deinen #TrickforCan an einem der Obstacles im gesamten Nordkette Skylinepark (Kicker, Ra

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TRICK OF THE WEEK - Monika Dubzinski - Frontblunt

Time Posted on March 08, 2021 User Martin W Comment No comments

There's no better way how to celebrate today's International Women's Day than with Monika Dubzinski conquering this week's Best Trick. She is also taking part in the GAME of go-shred at Damüls. TO EVERYONE ELSE... YOU want to have a go-shred TRICK OF THE WEEK and see your shot next week on our w

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Time Posted on December 22, 2020 User Martin W Comment No comments

englisch version below Stuttgart, München, Innsbruck, Kempten, Salzburg, Bozen, Zürich, Genf und sogar im Ruhrgebiet - DIY Parks sprießen gerade überall aus dem Boden! Im kleinen Kreis zusammen shapen und shredden - besser und sicherer geht's nicht, oder? Für unsere Burton X go-shred Lockdow

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TRICK OF THE WEEK- Lorenz Vyslozil- Nordkette

Time Posted on November 16, 2020 User Martin W Comment No comments

Trick of the Week! Sliding into the new week like our go-shred Family Member Lorenz Vyslozil. This weeks trick is a lip slide and taken at the Nordkette Innsbruck by Double Ues. Nice job! Enjoy your Monday and spread the vibes! For more shred shots, CLICK on the photo above & take a tour thro

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Telum Skateboards - KOMM ON BOARD - RIDETOLOGY (1/12)

Time Posted on September 25, 2020 User Martin W Comment No comments

Our friends from Telum Skateboarding made another full length video which will be published part by part. As always you will be psyched on board once you follow RIDETOLOGY. THANK YOU 4 PUSHING SKATEBOARDING WITH ALL YOUR LIFE!!! First of twelve parts ... STARTING with Winnie Linde More temarider

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