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Alex Pfeffer made it again ... Holdaylife Co. X Shrn

Time Posted on August 06, 2018 User Martin W Comment No comments

summertime. skateboardtime. movietime Our homie since nearly 15 years become one of Europes finest skate- & snowboard movie maker. With his unique style and love for the boards, he's always able to fascinate you with an eye for the fascinating moments you should have in a clip !!! Check the mov

Cat news Tag Alex Pfeffer

Benny Urban: Real Snow 2018 | X Games

Time Posted on March 14, 2018 User Martin W Comment No comments

URBANstreet part with the KINGS! Benny on the board and AlEX PFEFFER on the cut! THX for the show homies!!! If you like, give him a like ...

Cat news Tag Alex Pfeffer

(D) GAME of go-shred/ Oberwiesenthal/ FULL report

Time Posted on March 25, 2015 User Martin W Comment No comments

(english version below) (D) GAME of go-shred/ Oberwiesenthal from on Vimeo. Nach einer 6 stündigen Fahrt durch Bayern sind wir am frühren Abend im O-Thal angekommen, wo wir aufs herzlichste von Sazing und Schmadke begrüsst wurden. Bei einem leckeren Bürger im Szenelokal Kiwis und

Cat Spezi - Das Original Tag Alex Pfeffer

GAME of go-shred at Kaunertal 2013

Time Posted on April 30, 2013 User Martin W Comment No comments

In a present where proving yourself is the only thing that matter, where the jam session is only a clever compromise to the stressful "you are next" and where everyone plays "too cool for school", the GAME of go-shred is a breath of fresh air, here everyone is a winner, being cool is being fool and y

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Trick of the week with Eric M. - Crail tucknee

Time Posted on September 24, 2012 User Martin W Comment No comments

Hello fellas, summer is coming to an end but not yet! We all love our boards and most important is having fun while shredding! That's why it doesn't matter if we have a snow-, skate- or surfboard "trick of the week"! So this time another trick with a skateboard from Eric Müller, who killed it i

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