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FAM MEM Simon Rieder I MVP Session Vienna

Time Posted on July 26, 2019 User Martin W Comment No comments

We're stoked to know that Simon Rieder is motivated and that he's ready to deliver !!! THX4representing go-shred. For the second time, Austrian Skateboarding legend and #bluetomatoteam rider Philipp Schuster invited a handpicked selection of young Austrian skateboarders to the MVP Session in Vienn

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FAM MEM Moritz Amsüss & homies I 3rd Episode of COLLECTIVE

Time Posted on June 17, 2019 User Martin W Comment No comments

The boys did it again ... Last seaosn memories!!! 3rd Episode of COLLECTIVE: Yanneck, Samy and Moritz went to Kaunertal glacier for the last days of the season to film some park laps with Steffen Vollert. Samy finished the session with a big method over a roadgap. Moritz went on to meet with Leo

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