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TRICK OF THE WEEK- Lorenz Vyslozil- Nordkette

Time Posted on November 16, 2020 User Martin W Comment No comments

Trick of the Week! Sliding into the new week like our go-shred Family Member Lorenz Vyslozil. This weeks trick is a lip slide and taken at the Nordkette Innsbruck by Double Ues. Nice job! Enjoy your Monday and spread the vibes! For more shred shots, CLICK on the photo above & take a tour thro

Cat totw Tag Lorenz Vyslozil

SANE ! movie ONLINE - Innsbruck's finest

Time Posted on February 23, 2018 User Martin W Comment No comments

That's it ... Congratulations girls & boys! 10 Years of Sane! Snowbording in Innsbruck!!! Enjoy the ride and go-shred! Innsbrooklyn´s Finest from Sane ! on Vimeo.

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BEAR BROS 3.0 - Lorenz Vyslozil & Valentin Haslbeck

Time Posted on March 22, 2017 User Martin W Comment No comments

The boys made their dream come true! One month of shredding in the best RAIL MOUNTAIN of the world BIG BEAR! It's like seeing Surfer Dude for the first time when our boys doing their thing and floating around in Bear. Not to underestimate the work you have to invest when you film and edit your ru

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2Vs: FAMILY boys Vyslozil & Valentin at BEAR MOUNTAIN

Time Posted on February 28, 2017 User Martin W Comment No comments

The 2Vs aka Lorenz VYSLOZIL and VALETIN Haslbeck making their dreams come true! They are tripping around in the US for shredding some awesome parks and doing what they love most: Having a good time! Check the clips for getting an idea of what it could be if you shred more and work less ... THX for

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Lorenz Vyslozil & GANG destroying VANS Penken Park

Time Posted on April 05, 2016 User Martin W Comment No comments

Lorenz, Tom Hiendl and Hannes Zösmayr living in Innsbruck and the DREAM! Shredding, shredding and more shredding! We're pleased to see the progression and motivation they put into snowboarding ... THANK you guys for the SHOW! Pray 4 Penken from Lorenz.Vyslozil on Vimeo.

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