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Thank you METHOD MAG! Interview with go-shred founder!

Time Posted on December 04, 2019 User Martin W Comment No comments

English version below Vielen Dank Method Mag! Wir haben unsere eigene Seite im neuesten Method Mag! Gründer Martin Winchenbach erklärt, woher das go-shred-Konzept stammt und wie es in den letzten 10 Jahren gewachsen ist. Es bedeutet viel für uns, einen Artikel im Method Mag zu haben, da mehr L

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Trick Of The Week: Fs Lipslide with CEO Martin Winchenbach

Time Posted on December 10, 2012 User Lo Key Comment 5 comments

This week we are gonna give some props to go-shred CEO Martin! Check his fs lipslide on this nice street rail! Now you know, hes not just here to help you guys making your way to the mountains – he will also be the one moshing down the hill right in front of you. For your information: he is a littl

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